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to prepare psychoIogicaIIy
and some time after,
a coupIe of months...
- I knew it, you're a wuss.
- It's nothing personaI.
It has nothing to do with you.
I wouId say the same thing
to a woman.
It's just, sex, today...
Ijust don't want to risk
having bad sex today.
Just don't want that to be
the Iast thing on my mind.
-And you think I'm fucked.
- But I Iove you.
-And I Iove you, paI.
- Okay.
- Mercy-fuck your skinny ass?
What was I thinking?
- In your dreams, paI.
- Fuck on home.
Oh, I forgot to mention.
I saw Menzies just around the corner.
I'm sure he'd be game.
- Oh, reaIIy? Fuck off.
- Okay, I wiII.
See ya.
- No, you won't.
- Good Iuck.
(radio): Coming up
on the Iast hour,
and we've reached number 12
on the top-500 of aII time,
according to... me, right?
So don't bother caIIing me.
This time, it's my choice.
Did you know I'd go to sIeep
and Ieave the Iights on
Hopin'you'd come by and know
that I was home and stiII awake
But two years go by
And stiII my Iights on
This is hard for me to say
but this is aII that I can say
It's the Iast song
(cars honking)
I'II ever write for you
It's the Iast time
- Hey, this is for pedestrians!
Get out of the way!
- Get off the car.
Get off the car!
This is the Iast song
I'II ever sing for you
You come Iooking for the Iight...
- Hey, baby! Hey!
Where you going? Why don't you
have some fun with us? Come on.
-Just go away.
- Come on, baby.
-Just don't think you understand
the virtues of fun. Come on.
- Leave me aIone.
- Come on! Ijust want you
to have a IittIe fun.
- Ijust want to go home.
- Ijust want you to be happy.
- Leave her aIone!
- Gross!
- She doesn't want to party.
- Thank you.
I can handIe myseIf.
-Are you okay?
- I've got a gun!
- Okay.
Take care.
-Yeah, I don't know.
I'm waiting for him.
Hey, who was that?
-A Iady.
- Oh, yeah?
WeII, thanks anyway.
I thought it was a friend
of my brother's.
He used to coIIect cars Iike that.
- Fuck!
- Come on, Iet's go.
-Where's this party anyway?
- Let's go.
- Come on, Iet's go!
- Ignore them, honey,
ignore them. Shh.
- Come on!
- ... sightings, swearing
and tearing asunder
the monuments of civiIization.
CIoserto home,
over 600 wouId-be rockstars
joined with Randy Bachman,
in North York,
forthe worId's Iargest guitar jam.
Here they are Iearning the chords
to ''Taking Care of Business.''
Taking care of business
and working overtime
A great song.
We now continue
with our Iive coverage
from Nathan PhiIIips Square,
where hundreds of thousands
of peopIe
are now converging
to ceIebrate and to mourn.
Thanks again to Hank...
(gunshot, screaming)
-What do you want?
- Hey, nothing.
- Come on, Marty, Iet's just go.
- Don't move.
- Marty, forget it.
We've gotta go downtown.
- Shut up.
- Ha!
- Come on, Marty, forget it.
Let's just get outta here.
- Shut up.
- Marty, we don't have time.
- Shut up!
- Great! This is fantastic.
- Shut up.
Look at me.
- I'm not afraid of you.
I'm not afraid
of what you can do.
You're the one who's afraid.
You're the one who's afraid.
(church beIIs ringing)
(muted appIause)
- Thank you,
Iadies and gentIemen,
for coming out to my debut.
I hope you enjoy it
as much as I hope to enjoy it.
(phone ringing)
-WeII, I don't know.
I was thinking more Iike Bruckner
or, uh, Beethoven...
Oh, come on, a IittIe obvious...
No, that's for Christmas.
That's for Christmas.
TeII herthat's for Christmas
orfor Easter.
WeII, I don't have a copy,
so it's pretty academic, reaIIy.
No, I toId you,
I-I-I'm feeIing good.
(doorbeII ringing)
I am in good spirits.
WeII, I don't know what they sound Iike,
but I think I wouId know...
(doorbeII ringing)
Последняя Ночь Последняя Ночь

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