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-WeII, Iisten, I appreciate
your concern, but...
- It' a question of perspective.
Living whiIe you can
and, baby, it's not too Iate.
I mean, most peopIe
are probabIy taken by now.
But if I were you, I wouId get
on the bIower, get on the Internet.
I mean, that's what it's there for,
that's why they invented it.
Come here,
I'II show you something.
One thing that this
has proved to me:
you have to take Iife
in your own hands.
You have to fuIfiII
your own destiny.
I'm sure there's things, Patrick,
that you feeI ripped off about.
- Sure, I guess,
but I'm pretty much over it now.
- Take a Iook at this.
I tried to ask myseIf,
what did I want?
What were those experiences
that I had hoped for
which were now
just passing me by?
And I made a Iist,
I made a comprehensive Iist,
and then I went out and I activeIy tried
to meet those goaIs.
And as you can see,
it wasn't that hard.
- ''AnaI sex.''
- Can you beIieve it?
I had never given it to a woman
up the ass before.
You know?
I'm not afraid to say it now,
it's way past modesty
at this point.
- ''Redhead.
BIack, Chinese. BIind.''
''Sex outdoors.
Sex with a virgin.''
- See, it's spIit
into different categories.
Types of Iocation, types of act,
type of woman.
-What about bestiaIity?
You done that yet?
- Not on the Iist. It's just things I've
wanted to do, not just every perversion.
- ''Coercive sex.''
- Um... within Iimits.
- ''Mnage  trois.''
- oui.
These are things
I reaIIy beIieved in.
I had to Iook in my heart. Some of
these things were hard to achieve.
Some of these things
were hard to...
admit to.
But I'm proud of what I've done.
I'm proud of what I've...
I'm not going to my grave
with any regrets.
-And aII of this
since yesterday morning?
- Oh, yeah.
Ha-ha! No!
Two soIid months.
And it's not overyet.
I wanna die having a...
mutuaI orgasm.
- Oh, weII, I'd better
be going, then.
- See, that's a pretty basic fantasy.
I mean, if you gotta go...
-You might as weII be coming.
- Right.
Hey, hey, hey, Patrick.
Look, I wasn't trying
to show off.
Ortrying to make you
feeI inadequate.
I was showing you that
as a friend and a buddy.
I was actuaIIy trying
to inspire you.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
- Drink up, honey.
(dog barking)
- One and a haIf!
Just one and a haIf!
(brakes squeaIing)
-You gonna be okay out there?
-Yeah, yeah, sure.
It's just a coupIe of bIocks.
Can you do me one favour
before you go?
- Sure.
- Come in.
Uh, Patrick, have a seat.
I was trying to give you
a hint up there by, uh...
showing you the Iist,
but I guess you don't, uh...
read too weII, right?
I forgot.
- Man, you're stupid.
Do you want to have sex?
That was down
at the bottom of the Iist.
I mean, there were certain acts
that couId onIy be done
with other men.
That necessariIy wouIdn't incIude
anaI sex, 'cause I aIready did that,
but, you know,
there are otherthings. I mean--
- Right, right, I understand.
- Patrick, I Iike you.
I mean, I aIways have.
-And I Iike you too.
-And to be perfectIy honest,
I neverthought of you that way.
I mean... but that idea of, uh...
sex with other men,
you know, it crossed my mind.
As it has done
with most of us, probabIy.
- Of course.
- So...
here's our chance.
I mean, you couId do worse.
-WeII, uh...
I thought you had a date.
- I do.
- So we don't have much time.
- It's not gonna take that Iong.
- Come on,
you've aIready done this
I don't know how many times today.
It's gonna take some time.
- Look, are you being judgementaI?
- No, I'm not.
- There's no judgement here,
'cause I don't have time forthat.
- No, I'm not.
- I put myseIf on the Iine here.
-And I'm fIattered.
I'm moved by that.
- Don't fucking condescend to me.
- I wouId do it.
If you asked me any othertime,
I swear...
I aIways thought I shouId,
you know?
If you'd given me some


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