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Craig, it's me, Patrick.
I have to ask you a favour.
-What is it? I'm busy.
- Let me in. It's important.
- Everything is important today.
Ten minutes.
- So what is aII that stuff anyway?
Do you have to drag it around?
- Oh, it's just some stuff
we needed tonight.
- Oh.
(cIassicaI music pIaying)
- My husband and I
are gonna commit suicide.
We're gonna kiII each other
at midnight.
- Oh.
I guess
you reaIIy Iove him, then.
- Patrick WheeIer? Look at you.
You Iook Iike you're waiting
forthe principaI.
- Madame CarIton.
-And what have you been up to,
Qu'est-ce qui s'est pass
depuis Ie temps?
- Oh, uh...
J'tais un architect
dans un bureau de architecture.
You mean my job?
- oui. Bravo.
- Je n'ai jamais fait
queIque difice
None were actuaIIy buiIt.
- oui, oui.
- Mais j'ai travaiII...
J'ai fait beaucoup de dessin
et j'ai travaiII sur beaucoup
de projets
avec Ies autres architects.
- L'important,
c'est d'y mettre I'effort
et de rver.
It's the dream that counts.
It's nice,
you can stiII remember.
- Mais bien sr.
- Bravo.
-WeII, French
was neveryourforte, Craig.
- Au revoir, Madame.
- Adieu.
- Adieu.
- Bon voyage.
- Fuck off!
You can't have it.
It's unfairto even ask.
- Oh, man, it's not for me.
-AII the more reason.
- It was my carfirst.
- Right. And now it's mine.
I bought it. It's been mine
for overtwo years.
It's part of my... thing.
- Patrick, Iet's go.
We can't force him, okay?
- Come on, man, do something good.
- Fuck off with that good shit.
- Let's go. I'II find another car.
It's fine.
-What are you doing?
PIanning a road trip or something?
'Cause guess what?
You don't have time.
- Look, I toId you, it's not about that.
It's not about... utiIity.
-You know, Iisten, I'm sorry.
It's important.
I'm sorry we had to interrupt
your Iast day. Let's go.
-You have two others.
- It's a coIIection.
They're antique cars.
Two oId cars is not a coIIection,
it's a guy with two oId cars.
Take it. Bastard.
- I knew you'd give in.
- I wanted to die
a man with three cars.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry,
he's obviousIy fucked.
- Thanks a Iot,
my dearest friend.
- So I'II waIk you to the car?
- Oh, I'm sure I can find it.
- It's hard to miss.
A 1970 Iime-green Super B,
overhead cams, duaI exhaust.
It was one of the first...
Not that you'II need
to Iook underthe hood.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
-You're weIcome.
- Thank you.
-Are you sure you're gonna be aII right?
You don't need any heIp?
- No, I'd better go.
Oh, uh, Patrick,
what are you doing right now?
- Right now, uh...
going home, I guess.
- If my husband caIIs,
teII him I'm coming.
- So...
Not bad.
- Not bad, eh, Mrs. CarIton.
- No, I was referring
to what's-her-name.
- Oh, Sandra. Yeah, not bad.
- Come on, don't be modest.
- No, I bareIy know her.
- Ha! Even better, you dog.
- No. No, she's a stranger.
I heIped herfind a car.
-And that's it?
What's the matter with you?
I saw the way she was Iooking.
Women these days
are ripe forthe picking.
-WeII, I don't think
that was an option here.
- Hmm! Are you kidding me?!
They aII want to go out
with a... bang.
Patrick, when was the Iast time
you got...
- Hmm...
- For one brief moment, I thought
you had actuaIIy forgotten yourtragedy.
- Look, I'm not compIaining.
You don't have to--
-And reaIized
that what is one death
compared to the fact
in anothertwo hours,
every Iiving souI on Earth
is gonna evaporate.
-Yeah, weII I reaIize that.
It just doesn't turn me on,
you know?
- If Karen were here, she'd want you
to be with other peopIe, right?
- If Karen was here?
No, I don't think so.
- But she Iiked peopIe.
You know what I mean?
She worked in a kindergarten,
forfuck's sake.

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