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I had been married before.
Once before.
To a guy from a bakery shop
where I used to work.
So I shouId've known better.
But this marriage,
my current marriage, is the best
reIationship I've ever had.
I Iove him.
I feeI Iike we've Iived
a Iifetime together.
So I guess I'm one
of those peopIe you hate.
- Oh, weII,
I didn't mean it that way.
-And anotherthing.
I'm pregnant.
-You're going to have his baby?
- Carrying it, his embryo,
my baby.
Do you think that's immoraI?
- ImmoraI? WeII, uh...
WeII, no, none of us
can have chiIdren.
I think it's kind of sweet.
- I wanted to know if I couId do it,
if I had the power.
And I do.
We couId've done
anything together.
I Iove him.
And we're going to go
aII the way.
What are you doing?
-WeII, uh, there's some wires
underthis thing.
If you break it off...
-You don't know
how to do this, do you?
- No. No, I have no idea.
Taxi! Taxi!
-What the fuck!
You want me to run you over?!
-Yeah, just, uh...
Hi. Uh, thanks for stopping.
My friend here needs a...
a smoke.
Do you have a cigarette?
(radio): We're coming up
on about 9:30,
and we've reached number 34
in the top-500 songs of aII time.
We can't stop the cIock,
but we can make it go
a IittIe smoother.
Mr. Burton Cummings.
GIamour boy
Get your costume on
You got 'em Iined up
waitin'for you
GIamour boy
You got 'em
standin'in the aisIes
So don't hang 'em up
For twenty-five-thousand doIIars
you can Iook Iike a woman tonight
For twenty-five-thousand doIIars
I think it'II work out right
I think it'II work out
I think it'II work out
oh you never know
how to write it
Think it'II work out
Work out work out
So spin with the archer now
And Iaugh in his face
as he cocks his bow
SteaI from his mistress
As she's makin'Iove
to your famiIy
And be aware
That there's not many there
Who want to take time to sing
(music continuing from afar)
Don't you wanna take time
to sing and pIay
An honest song
for the peopIe tonight
(music continuing from afar)
(car stopping)
- Patrick. Patrick WheeIer.
- Hey...
-What a treat to see you today.
- Right... Menzies.
This is a friend of mine
from high schooI.
-Yeah, absoIuteIy,
the oId orange and bIue.
-Yeah, right.
Is this your car?
-You know, uh,
you're Iucky
I ran into you today.
-Yeah, maybe.
- Because I have two extra tickets
forthe concert tonight
that I wouId be honoured to give you.
- Oh, great.
So what concert's that?
The thing downtown?
-You didn't hear?
It's my concert.
I finaIIy got my recitaI.
Tonight, 11:00 sharp.
CatroIi HaII.
- ReaIIy?
That's reaIIy prestigious.
We aII knew you had it in you.
-We spent aII day
driving around,
me and my cousin Ernie,
Iooking for a tux.
Mine was ruined.
Show him the tux, Ernie.
I finaIIy found one
at Harry Rosen.
Harry Rosen of aII pIaces!
- Right. Okay, weII,
that's the thing.
My friend here needs a Iift.
- Uh-huh.
WeII, I guess we couId drive her.
But it's onIy three bIocks.
- Right, but she's going
across town.
- Oh.
- But if you're finished
with the car...
- Patrick... I need it.
At Ieast untiI the show.
You know, Ernie might have
to run errands or IittIe...
You know how concerts are.
- Right.
- I'd Iove to heIp you out.
And yourfriend.
She Iooks Iike a movie star.
But, uh, I onIy have one car.
- Right.
- Not Iike Craig ZwiIIer.
-WeII, good Iuck, then.
Break a Ieg.
- Oh, keep them.
In case you're in the neighbourhood.
- Patrick, I reaIIy appreciate
aII your heIp.
- Oh, Iisten, my pIeasure.
(heavy breathing)
- Uh... one second.
I've been watching you
(door buzzer ringing)
The way you move your sexy body
Yeah, what is it?
Последняя Ночь Последняя Ночь

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