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- Stupid ceII phones.
(church beIIs ringing)
(church beII ringing)
- Three hours!
Three more hours!
Hurry up!
- Shut up, Iady!
- Move it. Move on, here.
- Hmm. WeII, here I am.
I'm a IittIe bit earIy.
I hope that's not a probIem.
- No, no, no, that's perfect.
My friend just Ieft.
-We have the pIace to ourseIves?
- That's right.
Come in.
- So this is your apartment.
Where you Iive.
Isn't it nice.
- Is it?
- It is.
And what had you
been doing again?
-What do you mean? Before?
- Before. With your Iife.
- Uh... weII, I...
I finished, uh, schooI.
And, uh...
I took a coupIe of years off.
I was going to med schooI, so...
I guess I wouId've been
a doctor of some sort.
-Aw, that's wonderfuI.
I aIways knew you had it in you.
Isn't it nice how things
worked out so weII
and you grew up so niceIy.
You're a handsome man.
- Thank you.
- So...
- Uh... can I get you
something to drink?
I have... drinks.
- Oh, no, I'm fine, thank you.
So, Craig, you probabIy
won't want to hearthis,
but I saw your stepmother
at the SuperSave Iast week.
- Oh, Christ.
-And she has met another man
and married him, as you may know.
And she made me promise
that if I ran into you,
I wouId teII you that you're weIcome
if you want to join their circIe.
- Their circIe, right.
- Their prayer circIe.
They're aII meeting
at MeI Lastman Square
and forthe 24 hours
Ieading to the end,
they're going to pray
forthe souIs of humanity.
Of course, you've missed
the beginning by now,
but I'm sure you can join in
wheneveryou come.
- Oh, weII...
as much as that sounds
Iike fun...
-You have your own way
to worship, I guess.
-Yeah, I... I guess I do.
- Give me a hug.
I was surprised by your caII.
And happy.
You know you were aIways
a favourite.
My favourite student.
-You were a favourite of mine.
-WeII, I know now.
-We shouId, um...
head to the bedroom.
I've been watching you
The way you move
your sexy body
I'm Iiking the things you do
The way you move...
- Even when you're with someone eIse,
you're stiII by yourseIf
and I don't think that's pathetic,
I don't think that's sad.
-What about this one?
- Uh, no, Iet's keep going.
But what I do find sad
and what I do find pathetic,
is peopIe who don't know
or peopIe who don't
Iike themseIves
and as soon as they hear
that the worId is ending,
they rush out and try
and hook up with someone
Iike it was cIosing time
at Studio 54.
-WeII, I guess
I'm not the one to taIk to.
- I mean, I know in my heart
that I'm not in a meaningfuI
reIationship right now.
I'm not with a woman that I Iove
and I can deaI with that.
Ijust feeI that now
is not the time to compromise.
- There's something to be said
for human companionship.
- This one?
- Fine, fine.
- Okay, stand back.
- No, wait! Oh, Jesus.
I can't drive standard.
- Oh, that's aII right,
I don't Iike it much anyways.
I mean, cars are another
big disappointment.
They shouId've gone
fartherthan this.
They've peaked both
estheticaIIy and technicaIIy
sometime around the mid-'70s --
72, according to my friend --
and then basicaIIy no progress.
I mean, we deserved better.
I mean, even the IittIe things, you know?
Why did they aIways
have to be shiny?
Why couIdn't they make a car
with a nice matte finished?
-WeII, there is something to be said
for human companionship.
- Oh, come on, I Iike human beings
as much as the next guy.
- Okay, this one.
Okay? This one?
-Yeah, aII right.
Here we go.
Madam, your car.
- So now what?
- Now, we, uh, start it.
-WeII, I think I understand
where you're coming from.
It might make sense in your mind,
but I can't reaIIy say I agree.
- Meaning what?
- Take my Iife, for exampIe.
How I met my husband.
I never knew him.
We met at a party
when the government cIosed down.
Three days Iater,
we were married.
That was Iike two months ago.
Последняя Ночь Последняя Ночь

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