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confession to make.
-You bad girI.
Every day?
- For seven years.
At six o'cIock,
no matter what I was doing,
or what I was supposed to be doing:
one drink, my private rituaI.
So now it's off my chest.
- Of course, you know
I couId fire you forthis.
- Do you want one?
- Um, I think not,
but you go ahead.
- Right.
You're driving.
-You'II caII me
if you need me?
- Now why wouId I need you?
- That's true.
If there's a probIem...
Don't Iet me down.
Listen to my heart pound
Listen to my Iove song
- Patrick, just promise me
you'II caII them, okay?
- I promise.
- Swearto God.
-You be good.
- Patrick...
- Take care of her.
- Can I heIp you?
- Uh... this is where I Iive.
- Oh, sorry.
- Can I heIp you?
- No.
ActuaIIy, yes.
Do yu have a phone.
- Uh, no, not on my person, no.
- No, but inside.
- There's a pay phone on the corner.
- That doesn't work.
-WeII, if that doesn't work,
mine won't either.
- No that doesn't work
because it's smashed.
PIease, it's important.
- HI, hon, it's me.
I thought you said
you'd stiII be there.
Uh... No, I guess you got off earIy.
Okay, bye.
(answering machine): Good afternoon,
pIease Ieave it here.
- HeIIo, honey...
Honey, where are you?
I need you to come pick me up.
My car got attacked
and I'm stuck here on Phoenix Drive.
- 364.
- 364 Phoenix Drive,
at 538-0398.
CaII me, pIease.
I'II try you on the car phone.
- Uh, you gave him my number?
- I'm sorry, is that aII right?
Can you...
- VeuiIIez Iaisser votre numro...
- Shit!
(hanging up)
-WeII, they haven't worked
for weeks.
CeII phones never reaIIy did.
- I'm sorry, am I keeping you?
- From what?
- From your chiIdren.
- I don't have any.
- Oh.
But these paintings...
- Oh, those were done
by other peopIe's chiIdren.
From a daycare.
- So, are you going to a party?
- Nope.
- PeopIe coming over?
- No, I'm staying here by myseIf.
- Oh, then I'II wait here a minute.
Do you mind?
Ijust went out to pick up some things
and my husband is.., somewhere.
I have to get home.
-WouId you Iike
a magazine or something?
Something to eat?
- Don't entertain me.
Just do what you were doing.
- Candy cane?
My mother, she just threw
this big Christmas dinner.
She wanted us to reIive
our happiest moments
as a famiIy.
So she took aII this stuff
from our chiIdhood
and wrapped it up
and gave it to us as gifts.
- This stuff?
-Yeah, there's, uh...
these oId report cards here,
and awards that I won,
and these IittIe craft things
Iike that.
Let me see that.
Oh, yeah, diving. Yeah.
It must've been my sister's.
- I think I had some of these.
Pete Seeger. That rings a beII.
-Yeah, my mother
says I Ioved that.
- She sounds nice.
-Who? My mother,
that she wouId do aII this?
- No, that she gave you Pete Seeger
when you were a kid.
- Oh, weII, uh... I don't want to give
you the wrong impression.
It's not exactIy indicative
of my famiIy.
ActuaIIy, we had this big fight
when I toId herthere were
sociaIist impIications.
- To what? Pete Seeger?
- ''Oh, Patrick, why do you have to go
and spoiI everything nice?''
- I didn't know.
- That he was a sociaIist.
- Oh, uh... you know,
foIk music.
- He had these sing-aIong things,
- Uh... yeah.
- On TV.
- Pete Seeger of the Weavers?
You might be thinking
of Mitch MiIIer or something?
Guajira Guantanamera
It's Spanish.
The streams of the mountain
pIeases me more than the sea.
- I shouId go.
So you're going back there?
- To your mother's.
- No, I toId you,
I'm staying here.
- By yourseIf?
-Yes, if I can.
If that's not so hard to imagine.
- For biIIing inquiry, press 2.
-Jesus Christ,
where the fuck are you?!
- Look, if you need a car,
you can aIways get one.
- From... from anywhere.
SteaI one.
(kids Iaughing, imitating guns)

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