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- Steam. Oh, my mistake.
-Yeah, bIow off some steam.
- Right. AIex, I think maybe
I shouId mention,
before you make any faux-pas here,
that we have a tradition in this famiIy
that we don't kiII other peopIe.
- Patrick, that's not
what he's saying.
You know what he means.
- PeopIe want to experience things.
And we're aII gonna die
anyway, so...
- It gives us aII the more reason
to be civiI.
Now more than ever, we shouId be
courteous, respect each other's needs.
It's a test of our vaIues.
Sweetheart, are you joining us?
- Nice speech, Dad.
(aII): Ah!
-WeII, Iook at that.
- I know that this is a bit much,
but, Patrick,
you aIways Ioved Iamb.
-WeII, that shouId do it.
-We didn't want
anyone to starve.
-WeII, thank God we don't
have to fit in those canoes.
- I'm stuffed just Iooking at it.
- I wanted you to have
something speciaI
so when you go home, Patrick,
at midnight,
you'II rememberyour parents
weren't so bad.
- Sweetheart, is that aII, or...?
-Yes, I'm ready!
- Oh, Christ...
- Let's say grace.
For what we are about to receive,
may the Lord
make us truIy thankfuI.
(aII): Amen.
(mother weeping)
- Mom, I toId you about this
three weeks ago.
-Why can't you just stay?
A coupIe of hours.
You haven't got anybody
to go home to.
- Mom, I made a decision
about where I want to be
when it happens,
and I'm sorry, but you're gonna have
to accept that.
(Mother crying)
-WeII, the food's getting coId,
isn't it?
(church beIIs ringing)
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm LiIy.
- I know.
- I'm bIack.
- I couId teII.
-Yep, 100 percent.
- I beIieve you. You're... perfect.
Come on in.
Make yourseIf at home.
Uh, wouId you Iike a drink?
I have, uh... drinks.
- Cognac.
-AII right. Cognac it is.
- Um, shouId I take off my cIothes?
- No!
HoId on,
I'II be there in a minute.
- Thanks.
-You're weIcome.
You don't remember me, do you?
- No.
-We met once before.
At a party.
At BasiI's pIace.
- I used to go
to a Iot of parties.
That's how I got your number,
through a friend of BasiI's.
I was asking around and, uh...
Chris Fenton is his name.
Anyway, he was taIking
about this one girI --
a beautifuI girI --
and, uh... cIic!
Like that, I remembered.
- That's very sweet.
- So we shouId, uh...
Head to the bedroom.
- Go ahead, I'II be with you
in a minute.
- No.
No. You don't have to.
-What I was trying
to say out there
is that you're very beautifuI
and I knew that before.
Ijust wanted you to know that I'm not
doing this because you're bIack.
-Yes, you are.
You don't have to Iie.
So, uh, before we get started,
there's a coupIe of things
I'd Iike to try.
Nothing too weird,
I think you'II agree.
But, uh, you know, if there's
anything you had in mind...
- ... maybe you couId teII me before
so we couId fit it in.
- Hey, don't worry.
You'II be just fine.
Ijust wanted
to have an orgasm today.
- I'II do my best.
I've been watching you
The way you move your sexy body
I'm Iiking the things you do...
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
(answering machine): I Iove
each and every one of you.
Leave a message.
- Good evening, Mr. ZwiIIer.
I'm caIIing from the gas company.
(gunfire, screaming)
- Mom, can I get
my ears pierced?
You promised me I couId get
my ears pierced when I was 12.
And now, I'm 12 and 3 months.
- Let's taIk about something eIse.
- I hate this.
- SiIence.
- Excuse me,
how Iong have you been waiting?
-AImost 20 minutes.
- Oh, Jesus! Where did he go?
- The driver.
-What driver?
- I don't suppose you know
how to drive this thing, do you?
- See, Mom, you see that?
I hate this!
- No, darIing, I didn't see it.
(anguished screaming)
(radio): We've got about four hours
untiI the end of the worId.
And I'm spinning this one
forthe kids.
- Done?
- Done.
- I have a
Последняя Ночь Последняя Ночь

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