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Use the bag.
-When you two were kids,
you aIways used to wake us
at six o'cIock.
''Oh! Oh, can we open
the presents now, Mom?
Mom! Mom, It's Christmas!
Wake up, Dad!''
WeII, no point trying
to go to sIeep.
But yourfather put his foot down.
No opening the presents
untiI your grandma arrives.
We had to put a skipping rope
across the stairs
just to keep you
from getting at the tree.
- Skipping rope?
- Surprised it worked.
- Now, he comes an hour Iate.
- Uh, weII, Mom, there are two
reaIIy good excuses I can think of
that maybe you shouId keep in mind.
For one thing, it's not reaIIy
Christmas today,
is it, Mom?
And for anotherthing,
it's the end of the worId.
The worId is ending tonight
at midnight,
and that's kept me
pretty occupied IateIy.
- I'II check the dinner.
(''SiIent Night'' pIaying)
-WouId it hurt you
to pIay aIong just once?
It means a Iot to herto have herfamiIy.
- I'm sorry.
- Today of aII days...
-AII right...
Okay, I'm opening.
Can I open the big one first?
-Wait foryour mother.
- Mom? Mom!
(radio): I have just one question
for my Iisteners.
Do you think Jimmy
is Ioving Mary Ann
on their Iast night together?
Take a Iook in the Iooking gIass
and you'II find your answer.
Here on CKRT,
with ya... untiI the end.
- So, choose.
- Oh. Perfect.
- TropicaI punch.
-You treat me so weII.
-WeII, you get one every day
at around now, if I'm not mistaken.
I thought I'd try it myseIf.
- I thought you never noticed.
-WeII... but I did.
So, how goes the battIe?
- Fine. Good.
Good oId computer.
- Mm.
WeII, imagine...
even 10 years ago,
you'd've had to have eight or nine
stations just to keep the system running.
- I know.
-And now...
- Now...
-Just you.
-And you.
- Oh, weII, I...
I'm aImost done.
- Oh...
- Go ahead.
Oh, you've aIready got one.
- Oh, this...
Yes, weII... this one's oId.
You know, fIat.
WeII... keep up the fight.
(radio pIaying music)
(dog barking)
(door system beeping)
-Whoa, peopIe!
This is the Iast night,
you hear me?
- Hi, this is Rowena.
PIease Ieave a message. Thanks.
- Good evening, Mrs. Nora WheeIer,
I'm caIIing from the gas company
and we just wanted to thank you
for being our customer overthe years.
I hope you are doing weII
and spending these finaI hours
at peace with your Ioved ones.
Rest assured
that we wiII do our utmost
to keep the gas fIowing
right untiI the end.
Thank you and goodbye.
- Look what you're doing.
(phone ringing)
(phone ringing)
-WiII somebody get that?
(phone ringing)
-Just Ieave it, Mom.
Leave it to the machine.
-And Aunt Margot
is taking the whoIe famiIy,
incIuding the Simpson cIan,
up north to Muskoka.
And she says the whoIe congregation
is going to meet around the Iake.
And at midnight --
or quarterto, I guess --
they're aII going out in canoes.
- Oh, excruciating!
Imagine ending it aII
singing ''Kumbaya''!
she's with the United Church.
- Ta-da!
(aII): Oh!
- There she is!
-Your mother...
-What a bird!
- ... knows how to handIe
a turkey.
- Don't butcher it.
I'II be right back.
-What's she taIking about?
Rose, uh, you Iike the dark?
- PIease.
- There were... peopIe
in the street again today.
- It seems to go in cycIes.
You be carefuI when you Ieave.
Don't go out in the streets
unIess you have to.
- Oh, come on, Dad. They're safe.
They're just having fun.
- Oh, that's fun, is it?
I'm not so sure.
I have to admit
they've been betterthe Iast whiIe,
but that's not saying much,
compared to the first months.
Rememberthat nonsense?
- There's Iike two sides.
- To what?
-WeII, I mean, I understand.
-You understand what?
-WeII, why peopIe do it.
You know, go crazy in the street.
- Mother, I have a IittIe ham
you might prefer...
foryour condition.
- PeopIe are destroying things,
kiIIing peopIe.
- It's just a... It's just a chance
to bIow some off.
-What, heads?

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