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how I could love.
How much.
Which is a lot, actually.
It's-It's surprising.
You'd never believe it,
someone like me, but, um--
This is embarrassing,
It's embarrassing for me
to tell you this,
and to tell her,
but, um--
she-she died,
and then they said
the world would end.
I'm sorry.
She was sick.
Remember when people
got sick...
and died
one at a time ?
It's not your fault.
That she died ?
I know.
That the world is ending.
Yeah, that too.
I know.
I'm not that arrogant.
Tell me more.
I want to love you.
It won't be hard.
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, well,
that's about it.
That's my big story.
It usually does the trick.
Okay, um,
tell me all the details.
All right.
lt'shardon them.
No, it'sharder
on theirchildren.
When lthink
ofthose little ones--
ldon't give a damn.
People are always saying
""the children.""
""Pity the children.""
I'm tired
ofthe children.
They haven't lived,
given birth,
watched their friends die.
I have invested 80 years
in this life.
The children don't know
what they're missing.
Good point.
Uh, we should get ready.
Let me help your mother.
[Alarm Blaring]
How do I know that you are
what you say you are ?
ܢ[R&B On Radio]
What do you mean ?
I thinkyou could tell.
Well, no.
I've never had one before, so--
I'm a virgin.
Why would I lie ?
People do. I mean,
I would if I were in your place.
Yes. Well--
lmean, ifyou wereyounger--
I think I'd better go.
No. Um--
I mean--
You're beautiful.
I'd want to
have you anyway.
So beautiful.
I mean, it was--
It's hard to believe you.
That was my point.
It's nice.
Do you want a drink ?
I got drinks.
That won't be necessary.
I think we'd better
get to work.
[Crowd Cheering, Shouting]
Fifteen !
Fifteen minutes !
ln a way, lfeel
I mean,
it's the biggest thing
that ever happened,
and we're gonna be there.
I mean, no one was there
to witness the beginning,
but we're gonna be there
at the end.
Yes, it may be
very beautiful.
[Cheering, Shouting
Are you sure you don't want
to see it foryourself?
It'll mean more
coming from you.
Is there anything else
I should get you ?
I could get a clock.
I don't think we'll need one.
We should be able to hear
the countdown from the street.
Yeah, okay.
Let's go to the can,
last chance, and make
our final phone calls.
Let's take another look
at the crowds of people...
[Clock Ticking]
filling Nathan Phillips Square.
theyhave become
a little more rowdy,
although there are no
majorincidents to report.
Well, pop that champagne.
lt'snowofficiallyten minutes
untilthe endofthe world.
[ Cheering, Shouting ]
Out on the streets,
the crowds are getting
pretty wild--
This is crazy!
l'mgonna standup.
Okay, standup.
Standup andtake a look.
Canyousee it ?
Whoo !
What's the matter ?
Nothing. It's--
Look, it's not you.
[ Panting ]
Well, what then ?
We don't have much time.
[ Sighs ]
I've had a busy day.
We got ten minutes.
I'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
Wait till the last second.
How will I know ?
You'll know.
How ?
It's never happened before.
How will I know ?
We'll know.
It's too big.
Wait till
you're certain.
God, it's times like this when
I really miss the night.
Two minutes !
[ Panting, Moaning ]
We call for...
your help.
[Crowd CountingDown]
35, 34--
[Man On Record]
The wordsmean,
"lam a truthfulman...
"from the land
ofthepalm trees.
Andbefore dying,
l want to share thesepoems
ofmysoul. "
The last versesays--
[Speaking Spanish]
"Thestreams ofthe mountain...
pleasesme more
than thesea. "
ܢ[Singing ln Spanish
[ Moaning ]
[ Praying, Indistinct ]
Seventeen, sixteen,
fifteen, fourteen,


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