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to keep thegasflowing...
right untilthe end.
[Machine Beeps]
[ Voice On Machine]
Memoryis full.
Message receivedat 5.:53p.m.
[Machine Beeps,
Message Repeats]
Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling
from thegas company.
I hope you're doing well and
spending these final hours...
in peace with
your loved ones.
[ Clicks Button ]
Message received at 5:53 p.m.
[ Machine Beeps,
Message Repeats ]
Good afternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
I'm calling
from the gas company.
I hope you're doing well and
spending these final hours...
inpeace with
[Message Continues]
He sounds like...
a nice person.
[Machine Beeps]
Memory is full.
[ Shuts Off Machine ]
You can tell
from his voice.
[ Sighs ]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't besorry.
I'm-I'm sure that
whatever happened,
I'm sure that he tried
to reach you.
He's obviously
I mean, the machine
was full, right ?
So, I'm sure.
Patrick, I have
to askyou a question,
and feel free to say no.
Yes, what ?
Yes, you can stay.
You can spend the night
until the end.
Even if he was there,
your husband, you wouldn't
make it home in time.
It's past 1 1 :00, and anyway
I want you to stay.
I've been thinking about it,
and it's not an imposition.
It's not like I wanna
have sex with you,
but I do feel like--
like I-I like you.
We made a connection,
and I want us
to be together.
I want you to shoot me.
So that was the question.
Myhusbandandlmade apromise,
andl'm not backing down.
No matter where he is,
I know it's what he's doing.
I'm not gonna let this world
take my life.
I am notjust gonna
pass away.
At 1 2:00, I'm asking you
to shoot me.
Well, I don't know...
if-if I can.
I'll shoot you too.
Well, sit down
and make yourselfat home,
and, uh,
we can discuss this.
lmean, help mepick
a recordtoplay.
I mean,
I hardly know you.
[ Sighs ]
I mean--
Why, for instance, did you
choose this particular wine ?
[ Laughing ]
I don't know.
It's bad wine.
Well, I don't care
who it is.
I think it's wonderful.
What's the big secret ?
Did he sound happy ?
[ Chuckles ]
Happy ? I guess so.
Happy to get offthe phone.
[Telephone Ringing]
jennifer ?
Hi. I'm calling
like I said I would.
I just called. It was busy.
Were you on the phone ?
Well, your brotherjust called,
and it turns out
there's a girl after all.
You gotta bejoking !
[ Laughing ]
Who ?
I don't know.
You better askyour mother.
Hi, honey.
So, there's a girl ?
Now, this is Christmas, '79.
Chester, you crazy dog.
What a wildone.
Oh, no, l'm wrong.
Oh, that woman must have been
Cousin Martha,
who was visiting
from Regina.
Hello, darling.
Oh, there's a picture
ofyou, Rose.
Oh, what a sour face.
[ Chuckling ]
[ Sighs ]
I wonder how they're doing.
When did they think
they were gonna watch
all ofthis ?
[Crowd Cheering]
open fires,
foreign food...
and traveling.
I like to travel.
I've been to every continent,
except South America.
So, how wasAntarctica ?
And Antarctica.
But even there,
I wish I'd seen it too.
Ice cream.
I guess it's pretty obvious.
No, no, it counts.
I could use some right now.
Strawberry ice cream,
straight out ofthe package.
I can't help you.
So, do you feel
like you know me ?
Better than anyone.
How about you ?
Me. Okay.
Uh, well, I was born
here in Toronto...
and, uh, lived here
all my life.
In North York,
And my father was
a stockbroker--
Okay, you better hurry up.
Tell me something
to make me love you.
Uh, okay.
Tell me your big tragedy.
What tragedy ?
About the girl you loved
who ran away or died.
She died.
It's pretty obvious.
Well, people die all over.
You have to put it
into perspective.
Soon we all will.
Well, it's hard--
It's hard for me to
explain this. You'd
have to meet my family.
But, um--
Well, she taught me


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