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Are you okay ?
- I've got a gun !
Come on.
let'sgo !
Take care.
Forget about her !
Come on !
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm waitin' for him.
Hey, who was that ?
A lady.
Oh, yeah ?
Well, thanks, anyway.
I thought it was a friend
of my brother's.
Used to collect cars like that.
Fuck !
Come on.
Let's go.
Well, where's this party
anyway ?
Let's go.
[ Chattering ]
[Glass Shatters]
[Man OverP.A.,
Come on, Mom !
Let's go !
Ignore them.
Ignore them. Shh.
[ Straining, Grunting ]
[ Screams ]
Come on !
Mom !
Fighting, swearing
and tearing...
asunder the monuments
Closer to home,
over 600 would-be rock stars
joined with Randy Bachmann...
in North York for
the world's largest guitarjam.
Here they are,
learning the chords to
""Taking Care of Business.""
 Taking care of business
and working overtime
Work out 
A great song.
[Clock Ticking]
We now continue with
our live coverage from
Nathan Phillips Square,
where hundreds ofthousands
of people are now converging...
to celebrate
and to mourn.
Thanks again to
Hank "The Hammer"Adletski...
forbraving the crowds,
and, ofcourse,
to ourown Terry Owlan...
who'smanning the controlboard
andoperating the camera.
keepingme on the air.
You're doing-- You're doing
a fantasticjob, Terry.
Fantasticjob, really.
Take a bow.
[Woman Screams]
forthose who
have been following,
[Frantic Chattering]
we hadan address
from the mayor,
from thepremier,
and westill expect...
theprime minister
to make an appearance
on the main stage.
Whoo !
What do you want ?
- Hey, nothin'.
- Come on, Marty.
Let'sjust go.
Don't move.
Marty, forget it.
We gotta go downtown--
Shut up.
[ Shouts ]
Come on, Marty. Forget it.
Let'sjust get out of here.
Shut up.
Marty, we don't
have time for--
Shut up !
This is fantastic.
Shut up !
Bells Tolling]
Look at me.
I'm not afraid ofyou.
I'm not afraid
ofwhat you can do.
You're the one
who's afraid.
[Tolling Continues]
You're the one
who's afraid.
[Crowd Cheering]
ladies and gentlemen,
for coming out
to my debut.
I hope you enjoy it...
as much as I hope
to enjoy it.
[Woman Coughing]
[Clock Ticking]
[ Sniffs ]
[ Ticking ]
[Telephone Ringing]
[Man On Telephone,
[ Sighs ]
Well, I don't know.
I was thinking more like
Bruckner or Beethoven.
Come on, a little obvious.
[ Chuckles ]
No, that's for Christmas.
Yeah, that's for Christmas.
Tell her that's for Christmas
or for Easter.
Well, I don't have a copy,
so it's pretty academic,
No, I told you.
I'm-I'm feeling good.
I'm good.
I am in good spirits.
Well, I don't know
what I sound like,
but I think I would know.
[Buzzing Continues]
Um, yeah, hold on.
Hold on a second.
Patrick ? Hello ?
Patrick, open up, please!
Yeah, I gotta go, Dad.
Call ya later.
I love you, son.
Yeah, I love you too.
Take the phone.
Did he call ?
Did he leave a message ?
[ Dialing ]
Um, I don't know.
I didn't check.
[ Ringing ]
We can do that after.
Pick it up, please.
Pick it up.
Come on upstairs.
[ Ticking ]
[Answering Machine Beeps]
[Duncan On Machine]
Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling
from thegas company.
lhopeyou're doing welland
spending these finalhours...
[Sandra Sniffles]
inpeace with
Rest assuredthat
we willmake everyeffort
to keep thegasflowing...
right untilthe end.
[Machine Beeps]
[ Voice On Machine]
Memoryis full.
Message receivedat 5.:53p.m.
[Machine Beeps,
Message Repeats]
Goodafternoon, Mr. Wheeler.
l'm calling
from thegas company.
lhopeyou're doing welland
spending these finalhours...
inpeace with
[Sobbing Continues]
Rest assuredthat
we willmake


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