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be coming, right ?
Right. Hey, hey, hey, Patrick.
Look, I wasn't trying
to show off...
or trying to make you
feel inadequate.
I was showing you that
as a friend and a buddy.
I was actually trying
to inspire you.
[Man OverP.A.,
[ Chattering ]
One and a half !
just one and a half !
One anda halfhours !
[ Bell Dings ]
[Tires Screeching]
You gonna be okay
out there ?
Yeah, yeah, sure.
It'sjust a couple blocks.
Can you do me one favor
before you go ?
Come in.
[Tires Screeching]
Uh, Patrick,
have a seat.
I was trying to give you
a hint up there by, uh,
showing you the list,
but I guess you don't, um,
read too well, right ?
[ Chuckles ]
Ah, forget it.
What ?
Man, you're stupid.
You wanna have sex ?
That was down
at the bottom ofthe list.
I mean, there were certain acts
that could only be done
with other men.
That-That necessarily
wouldn't include anal sex,
'cause I already
did that, but--
You know,
there are other things.
Right, right, I understand.
Patrick, I like you.
I mean, I always have.
I like you too.
To be perfectly honest,
I never thought ofyou that way.
I mean--
But that idea ofsex...
with other men, you know,
it crossed my mind,
as it has done
with most of us, probably.
here's-here's our chance.
I mean,
you could do worse.
Well, uh, I thought
you had a date.
I do.
So, we don't have
much time.
It's not gonna take
that long.
[ Chuckles ]
Come on.
You've already done this
I don't know
how many times today.
It's gonna take some time.
Look, are you being
judgmental ?
No, no, I'm not.
There's nojudgement here.
I don't have time for that.
No, I'm not.
I'm puttin' myself
on the line here.
And I'm flattered.
I'm moved by it.
Don't fuckin' condescend to me.
I would do it...
ifyou asked me any
other time, I swear, if--
I always thought
I should, you know ?
Ifyou'd given me some time
to prepare, psychologically,
and some time after.
A couple months.
I knew it.
You're a wuss.
It's nothing personal.
It has nothing
to do with you.
I would say the same thing
to a woman.
It'sjust sex.
Today, I just
don't want to risk...
having bad sex today.
I just don't want that
to be the last thing
on my mind.
And you think
l'm fucked ?
But I love you.
And I love you, pal.
[ Chuckling ]
Mercy-fuckyour skinny ass ?
What was I thinking ?
In your dreams, pal.
Get the fuck on home.
Oh, uh, I forgot to mention
I saw Menziesjust around
the corner.
I'm sure he'd be game.
Oh, really ?
Fuck off.
Okay, I will.
See ya.
No, you won't.
Good luck...
[Man On Radio]
Coming up on the last hour,
and we've reachednumber 12
on the top 500
according to me, allright ?
So, don't bothercallin'in.
This time it's mychoice.
Didyou know why
lgo to sleep
Andleave the lights on
Hopin'you'dcome by
 That l washome
But twoyearsgo by
Andstillmy light's on
 This ishardforme to say
But this isall
that lcan say
[ Cars Honking ]
Come on !
Let's go !
[Honking Continues]
[ThudOn Hood]
Hey, this is for pedestrians !
Get out ofthe way !
Get offthe car !
Get offthe car !
[ Screams ]
Whoopsie !
Fore !
[ Tires Screeching ]
Hey, where areyougoin' ?
[Crashing Sound]
[Honking Continues]
Look what you did
to my car !
Nowyou're walking.
Hey! Hey!
Nowyou're walking !
Hey, baby!
Where you goin' ?
Why don't you have
some fun with us.
Go away.
just go away.
Come on, baby.
I don't thinkyou understand
the virtues offun.
Come on.
I want you to have
some fun with us.
Leave me alone.
Come on !
I just want you
to have a little fun !
I just wanna go home !
I just want you to be happy !
I don't thinkyou--
What ?
Leave her alone !
[Woman laughing]
She doesn't want to party !
I can handle myself.

- " "

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