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They're antique cars.
Two old cars
is not a collection.
It's a guy with two old cars.
Take it,
I knew you'd give in.
I wanted to die
a man with three cars.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
He's obviously fucked.
Thanks a lot,
my dearest friend.
Um, so I'll walkyou
to the car ?
I'm sure
I can find it.
It's hard to miss.
A 1 970 lime green,
super ""B"",
overhead cams, duel exhaust.
It was one ofthe first--
Not that you'll need
to look under the hood.
Thankyou very much.
You're welcome.
Are you sure you're
gonna be all right ?
You don't need
any help ?
No. I'd better go.
Oh, no. Um, Patrick,
what are you doing
right now ?
Right now ?
Going home, I guess.
If my husband calls,
tell him I'm coming.
not bad.
Not bad, eh ?
Mrs. Carlton ?
No, l wasreferring
to what's-her-name.
Oh, Sandra.
Yeah, not bad.
Come on.
Don't be modest.
No-- No, I barely know her.
Ha ! Even better,
you dog.
No, she's a stranger.
I helped her find a car.
And that's it ?
What's the matter with you ?
I saw the way
she was looking.
Women these days are,
uh, ripe for the picking.
Well, I don't think
that was an option here.
Mm. Are you kidding me ?
They all wanna go out
with a... bang.
Patrick, when was the last
time you got... some ?
[ Groaning ]
[ Scoffs ]
For one brief moment,
I thought you had actually
forgotten your, uh, tragedy...
look, l'm not complaining.
You don't have to--
and realized that
what is one death
compared to the fact...
that in under two hours
every living soul on Earth
is gonna evaporate.
Yeah, well, lrealize that.
ltjust doesn 't turn me on.
You know ?
lfKaren were here,
she'd wantyou to be
with otherpeople, right ?
If Karen was here ?
No, I don't think so.
But she liked people.
You know what I mean ?
She worked
in a kindergarten,
for fuck sake.
Well, listen,
I appreciate
your concern, but--
It's a question
of perspective.
Living while you can.
And, baby,
it's not too late.
I mean, most people
are probably taken by now.
But if I were you,
I would get on the blower.
Get on the internet.
I mean, that's
what it's there for.
That's why they invented it.
Come here.
I'll show you something.
One thing that this
has proved to me:
You have to take life
in your own hands.
You have to fulfill
yourown destiny.
l'm sure there's things,
Patrick, thatyou feel
Sure, lguess,
but l'mprettymuch
overit now.
Take a look at this.
I tried to ask myself,
""What did I want ?""
What were those experiences
that I had hoped for...
which were now
just passing me by ?
And I made a list.
I made a comprehensive list.
Andthen l went out
to meet thosegoals.
And as you can see,
it wasn't that hard.
""Anal sex.""
[ Chuckling ]
Can you believe it ?
I'd never given it
to a woman up the ass before.
You know ? I'm not afraid
to say it now. It's way
past modesty at this point.
""Black. Chinese.""
""Blind."" Uh-huh.
""Sex outdoors.""
""Sex with a virgin.""
See, it's split
into different categories:
types oflocation,
types ofact,
type ofwoman.
What about bestiality ?
You done that yet ?
Not on the list. It's
just things I wanted to do,
notjust every perversion.
""Coercive sex.""
Within limits.
""Menage a trois.""
Like-- These are things
I really believed in.
Uh, I had to look
in my heart.
Some ofthese things
were hard to achieve.
Some ofthese things
were hard to admit to.
But l'mproudofwhat
l've done. l'mproud
ofwhat l've accomplished.
And-- I mean, I'm not
going to my grave
with any regrets.
And, uh, all this
since yesterday morning ?
Oh, yeah.
[ Laughing ]
No. Two solid months.
And, uh, you know,
it's-- it's not overyet.
I wanna die
having a mutual orgasm.
Oh, well, I better
be going then.
See, that's
a pretty basic fantasy.
I mean, ifyou gotta go--
You might as well

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