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Hey. Um, thanks
for stopping.
Um, my friend here
needs a, uh, smoke.
- Do you have
a cigarette ?
- [ Tires Squeal ]
[Man On Radio]
We're coming up on about 9.:30,
[Man On Radio]
We're coming up on about 9.:30,
and we've reachednumber34
on the top 500songs
We can'tstop the clock,
but we can make itgo
a little smoother.
Mr. Burton Cummings.
 Glamour boy 
ܢ [ Whistling Along
With Song ]
ܢ [ Singing Along ]
Whoo-oo-oo !
[Tires Screech]
Patrick Wheeler.
[ Laughs ]
What a treat
to see you today.
Uh, right. Menzies.
This is a friend of mine
from high school.
Yeah, absolutely.
The old orange and blue.
- Yeah, right.
Uh, is this your car ?
- [Menzies] You know, uh,
you're lucky
I ran into you today.
Yeah, maybe.
Because I have
two extra tickets...
for the concert tonight
that I would be honored
to give you.
Oh. Great.
So what concert's that ?
The thing downtown ?
You didn't hear ?
It's-- It's my concert.
I finally got my recital.
Tonight, 1 1 :00 sharp,
Petrolia Hall.
Really ? Well, that's
really prestigious.
We all knew you
had it in you.
We spent a whole day
driving around,
me and my cousin Ernie,
looking for a tux;
mine was ruined.
Showhim the tux,
Uh, finally found one
at Harry Rosen.
Harry Rosen,
ofall places.
Right. Okay, well,
that's the thing.
My friend here needs a lift.
Well, I-- I guess
we could drive her.
But it's
only three blocks.
Right, but she's going
across town.
But ifyou're
finished with the car--
[ Chuckles ]
I-- I need it at least
until the show.
You know, Ernie might
have to run errands
or load equipment in.
You know
how concerts are.
I'd love to help you out
and your friend--
she looks like a movie star--
but I only have one car.
I'm not like
Craig Zwiller.
Well, good luck then.
Break a leg.
Oh, keep them.
In case you're
in the neighborhood.
Patrick, I really
appreciate all your help.
Ah, listen.
My pleasure.
[Buzzing Continues]
Uh, one second.
l've been watchingyou
 The wayyou move
[Buzzing Continues]
- Yeah ? What is it ?
- Craig, it's me, Patrick.
I have
to askyou a favor.
What is it ? I'm busy.
Let me in.
It's important.
is important today.
Ten minutes.
[ Buzzing ]
S-So what is
all that stuffanyway ?
You have to drag it around ?
Oh, it's
just some stuff
we needed tonight.
My husband
and I are going
to commit suicide.
We're going to kill
each other at midnight.
I guess you really
love him then.
Patrick Wheeler ?
Look at you.
Look like
you're waiting
for the principal.
Madame Carlton.
And what have you
been up to, Patrick ?
[ Speaking French ]
Oh. Um--
[ Speaking French ]
You mean myjob ?
Oui. Bravo.
[ French ]
None were actually built.
Oui, oui.
[ Continuing In French ]
[ French ]
It's the dream that counts.
It's nice that you
can still remember.
[ French ]
Well, French was never
your forte, Craig.
Au revoir, madame.
[ Pushes Button ]
Bon voyage.
Fuck off.
You can't have it.
It's unfair to even ask.
It's not for me.
Allthe more reason.
It was my car first.
Right, and now it's mine.
I bought it.
It's been mine
for over two years.
It's part of my... thing.
Patrick, let's go.
We can't force him,
okay ?
Come on, man.
Do something good.
Fuck offwith that good shit.
Let's go.
I'll find another car.
It's fine.
What are you doing,
planning a road trip
or something ?
'Cause guess what ?
You don't have time.
I told you, it's not about that.
It's not about... utility.
Listen, I'm sorry.
It's important.
I'm sorry we
had to interrupt
your last day. Let's go.
You have two others.
[ Sighs ]
It's a collection.


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