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at the Super Save last week.
And she has met another man
and married him
as you may know.
And she made me promise
that if I ran into you,
I would tell you that
you're welcome, ifyou want,
tojoin their circle.
Their circle ?
Their prayer circle.
They're all meeting
at Mel Lastman Square.
And for the 24 hours
leading to the end,
they're going to pray
for the souls of humanity.
Ofcourse you've missed
the beginning by now,
but I'm sure
you can join in
wheneveryou come.
Uh-huh. Well, as much
as that sounds like fun--
[ Both Laughing ]
You have your own way
to worship, I guess.
Yeah, I-- I--
I guess I do.
Give me a hug.
[ Moaning ]
I was surprised
by your call.
And happy.
You know,
you were always a favorite.
My favorite student.
You were
a favorite of mine.
Well, I know now.
We should, um,
head to the bedroom.
 I'm watching you 
 The way you move
your sexy body 
 I'm liking
the things you do 
 The way you move ܢ
Even when you're
with someone else,
you're still by yourself.
And I don't think
that's pathetic.
I don't think that's sad.
Oh, what about
this one ?
Uh, no. Let's keep going.
But what I do find sad
and what I do
find pathetic...
is people who don't
know themselves or people
who don't like themselves.
And as soon as they hear
that the world is ending,
they rush out and try and
hook up with someone, like it
was closing time at Studio 54.
Well, I guess I'm not
the one to talk to.
I mean, I know in my heart
that I'm not in a meaningful
relationship right now.
I'm not with
a woman that I love,
and I can deal with that.
I-- I just feel that now is
not the time to compromise.
There's something to be said
for human companionship.
This one ?
Uh, fine, fine.
Okay, stand back.
No, wait.
I can't drive
Oh, that's all right.
I don't like it much anyways.
I mean, cars are another
big disappointment.
They should have gone
farther than this.
They peaked both
aesthetically and technically
sometime around the mid-'70s,
'72, according to my friend,
and then basically no progress.
I mean, we deserve better.
I mean, even the little
things, you know.
Why do they always have
to be shiny ?
Why couldn't they make a car
with a nice matte finish ?
Well, there's something
to be said for
human companionship.
Oh, come on.
I like human beings
as much as the next guy.
Okay, this one, okay ?
This one ?
Yeah, all right.
Here we go.
Madam, your car.
[ Both Exhale ]
So now what ?
Now, we, uh, start it.
Well, I think I understand
where you're coming from.
It might make sense
in your mind, but
I can't really say I agree.
Meaning what ?
Take my life, for example:
how I met my husband.
I never knew him.
We met at a party when
the government closed down.
Three days later
we were married.
That was
like two months ago.
And I had been married
before, once before,
to a guy
from a bakery shop
where I used to work.
So I should have
known better.
But this marriage,
my current marriage,
is the best relationship
I've ever had.
I love him.
I feel like we've lived
a lifetime together.
So I guess I'm one of
those people you hate.
Oh, well,
I didn't mean it that way.
And another thing:
I'm pregnant.
You're going
to have his baby ?
I'm carrying it.
His embryo. My baby.
Do you think
that's immoral ?
Immoral ? Well, no.
None of us can
have children.
Actually, I think
it's kind ofsweet.
I wanted
to know if I could do it.
If I had the power.
And I do.
We could have done
anything together.
I love him, and we're
going to go all the way.
[ Horn Honks ]
Wh-What are you doing ?
Well, um, aren't
there some wires
under this thing...
ifyou break it off ?
You don't know
how to do this, do you ?
No. No,
I have no idea.
Taxi ! Taxi !
[ Horn Honks ]
[ Tires Squealing ]
[ Tires Screeching ]
What the fuck !
You want me to run you over ?
Uh, just--


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