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Hi, hon. lt'sme.
you'dstillbe there.
Uh-- No, lguess
yougot offearly.
Okay, bye.
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
[ Beep ]
Hello, honey.
Honey, where are you ?
I need you to come pick me up.
My car got attacked,
and I'm stuck here
on Phoenix Drive--
364 Phoenix Drive,
at 538-0398.
Call me, please.
I'll try you
on the car phone.
Uh, you gave him
my number ?
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
I'm sorry.
Is that all right ?
Hello. Canyou--
Shit !
[Hangs Up Phone]
Well, they haven't
worked for weeks.
Cell phones.
Never really did.
I'm sorry.
Am I keeping you ?
From what ?
From your children.
Oh, I-- I don't have any.
- [ Toy Squeaks ]
- Oh. But these paintings.
Oh, uh, those were done
byotherpeople's children.
From, uh, day care.
So, you're going
to a party ?
People coming over ?
No. I'm staying here
by myself.
Oh. Then I'll wait here
a minute. Do you mind ?
I just went out
to pick up some things,
and my husband is... somewhere.
I have to get home.
Would you like
a magazine or something ?
Something to eat ?
Don't entertain me.
just do what you were doing.
Candy cane ?
My-- My mother,
shejust threw this
big Christmas dinner.
She wanted us to relive
our happiest moments
as a family.
So she took all this stuff
from our childhood...
and wrapped it up and
gave it to us as gifts.
Yeah, there's, uh, these
oldreport cardshere...
and, um,
awards that I won...
and these
little craft things.
Let me see that.
Oh, yeah, diving.
Yeah. Must have
been my sister's.
I think I had
some ofthese.
Pete Seeger.
That rings a bell.
Yeah, my mother
says I love that.
She sounds nice.
Who ? My mother ?
That she would do all this ?
No, that she
gave you Pete Seeger
when you were a kid.
Oh, well, uh,
I don't want to give you
the wrong impression.
It's not
exactly indicative
of my family.
Actually, we had
this big fight when--
when I told her there
were socialist implications.
To what ? Pete Seeger ?
""Oh, Patrick,
why do you have to go and
spoil everything nice ?""
Oh, I didn't know.
What ?
That he was a socialist.
Oh, well, you know,
folk music.
He had these
sing-along things, right ?
Uh, yeah.
On TV ?
Pete Seeger,
ofthe Weavers.
You might be thinking
of Mitch Miller
or something.
 Guantanamera ܢ
It's Spanish.
""The streams ofthe mountain
pleases me more
than the sea.""
I should go.
So you're going back there ?
Where ?
- To your mother's.
- No. I told you,
I'm staying here.
By yourself?
Yes. lflcan.
That'snotso hard
to imagine.
jesus Christ.
Where the fuck are you ?
Look, ifyou need a car,
you can always get one.
Where ?
From-- From anywhere.
Steal one.
[ People Shouting,
Indistinct ]
[ Dialing ]
[ Line Ringing ]
Stupid cell phones.
Three hours till
the endofthe world!
[Bells Chiming]
Three hours !
Three more hours.
Hurry up !
Shut up, lady!
Move it.
[KnockingAt Door]
Well, here I am.
I'm a little bit early.
Hope that's not a problem.
No, no, no.
That's perfect. My, uh--
My friend just left.
We have the place
to ourselves ?
That's right.
Come in.
So, this is
your apartment
where you live.
Isn't it nice.
Is it ?
It is.
And what had you
been doing again ?
What do you mean,
before ?
Before. With your life.
well, I--
I finished, uh,
school, finally.
And, uh-- uh, yeah,
I took a couple
ofyears off.
I was going
to med school.
So... I guess
I would have been
a doctor ofsome sort.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I always knew
you had it in you.
Isn't it nice how things
worked out so well ?
And you grew up so... nicely.
You're a handsome man.
Well, thankyou.
Uh, can I get you
something to drink ?
lhave drinks.
Oh, no, I'm fine.
[ Laughs ]
So, Craig, um, you probably
won't want to hear this,
but I saw your

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