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You treat me so well.
Well, you get one
every day at around now,
if I'm not mistaken.
I thought
I'd try it myself.
I thought
you never noticed.
Oh, but I did.
So, how goes the battle ?
Fine. Good.
Good old computer.
Well, imagine,
even tenyears ago...
you'd have to have
eight or nine stations
just to keep the system running.
I know.
But now--
just you.
And you.
Well, l--
l'm almost done.
Oh, you've
alreadygot one.
Oh, this ?
Yes. Well,
this one's old.
You know, flat.
Yeah. Well,
keep up the fight.
[ Car Beeping ]
Oh, people,
this is the last night,
you hearme ?
Hi. This is Roweena.
Please leave a message.
[ Beep ]
Good evening,
Mrs. R. Wheeler.
I'm calling from
the gas company,
and wejust wanted to thankyou
for being our customer
over the years.
I hope you are doing well
and spending these final hours
of peace with your loved ones.
Rest assured that we will do
our utmost to keep the gas
flowing right until the end.
Thankyou and good-bye.
[line Ringing]
[Telephone Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
Will somebody get that !
[Ringing Continues]
just leave it, Mom !
Leave it to the machine !
ButAunt Margo
is taking the whole family,
[Ringing Continues]
the Simpson clan,
up north to Muskoka.
And she says
the whole congregation is
going to meet around the lake.
And at midnight,
or a quarter to, I guess,
they're all going out
in canoes.
Oh, my God!
Imagine ending it all
singing ""Kumbaya.""
Yes, well, she is
with the United Church.
Tah-dah !
[All] Oh !
[Jennifer] There she is !
Your mother knows
how to handle a turkey.
What a bird.
Don't butcher it.
I'll be right back.
What's she
talking about ?
you like the dark ?
Yes, please.
There were people
in the street again today.
togo in cycles.
You be careful whenyou leave.
Don'tgo out in thestreets
unlessyou have to.
Oh, come on, Dad.
They're safe.
They'rejust having fun.
Oh, that's fun, is it ?
I'm not so sure.
lhave to admit
they've been better
the last while.
But that'snotsayingmuch,
comparedto the first months.
Rememberthat nonsense ?
two sides.
To what ?
Well, I mean,
I understand.
You understand what ?
Whypeople do it.
Go crazy in thestreet.
Mother, I have a little ham
you might prefer.
Foryour condition.
People are destroying things,
It'sjust a--
just a chance to--
to blow some off.
What ? Heads ?
Steam. Oh, mymistake.
Blow offsome steam.
Right. Alex, I think maybe
I should mention, before
you make any faux pas here,
that we have a tradition
in this family-- that we
don't kill other people.
Patrick, that'snot
what he's saying.
You know what he means.
People want
to experience things.
And we're all gonna
die anyway, so--
That gives us all
the more reason to be civil.
Now more than ever
we should be courteous
and respect each other's needs.
It's a test ofour values.
Sweetheart, you joining us ?
Nice speech, Dad.
Oh ! Golly!
Wow. Look at that.
I know that this is a bit much,
but, Patrick, you always
loved lamb.
that should do it.
We didn't want anyone
to starve.
Well, thank God,
we don't have to fit
in those canoes.
I'm stuffed
just looking at it.
I wanted you to have
something special,
so when you
go home, Patrick,
alone at midnight,
parents weren'tso bad.
is that all or--
Yes, I'm ready.
Oh, Christ.
Let's say grace.
For what we are
about to receive,
may the Lord
make us truly thankful.
[ Crying ]
Mom, I told you about
this three weeks ago.
Why can't you just stay
a couple of hours ?
You haven't
got anybody
to go home to.
Mom, I made a decision
about where I want to be
when it happens.
And I'm sorry,
but you're going
to have to accept that.
[Mrs. Wheeler
[ Crying

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