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thisheart ofmine
 Could use a rest
But more andmore lfind
 The dreamslleft behind
too realto replace
 Oh, last night
ldidn 'tget
to sleep at all
No, no
wasjust a waste oftime
lcouldn 't close my eyes
'causeyou were on mymind
Andlast night
ldidn 'tget to sleep
Didn 'tget to sleep
No, ldidn 'tget
to sleep at all
[ People Laughing ]
But more andmore lfind
 The dreamslleft behind
too realto replace
 Oh, last night
ldidn 'tget
to sleep at all
No, no
wasjust a waste oftimeܢ
Hi, Mom.
Yes, dear.
Hi. I'm sorry--
l'llbe withyou
in a minute.
Let's go. There may be some
unfamiliar faces in here.
ܢ[ "Silent Night"]
Your esteemed
There he is.
Oh, you look so handsome
in that suit.
And Rose.
Yes, well-- Rose.
Rose from Edmonton.
You remember
Rose from Edmonton.
Rose from Edmonton.
Your dear sister
Alex. I thought
that was you.
I didn't know you
were back in the picture.
I thought you had fled to, um--
Patrick. Patrick, shut up.
To the hills
or wherever--
He comes back
when it counts.
Yeah, but I'm surprised
you could come.
some big familything--
some bigpig roast.
Patrick !
What ? l'm greetinghim
like a brother.
- You're being obnoxious.
- Yeah, well, exactly.
Don't pay any attention.
He's trying to be funny.
Actually, we are going
to my parents after.
So, let's enjoy
the time we have.
- We werejust opening
the stockings.
- Where's mine ? You started ?
Well, we couldn't wait forever.
I don't know. Maybe there
isn't anything left.
What did you get ?
Is this yours ?
She gave you all this ?
All ofthis
great stuff.
One ofthese, yeah.
Isn't it a little
late for that ?
It's old.
From when I was a kid.
She's wrapping this old
stuff up from the attic.
It's like nostalgia.
- Did you notice the tree ?
- [Grandmother]
lt'sa nice tree.
Your old dad,
he got out the chain saw,
and he dragged it back...
from the front yard
ofthe Winterson house.
It's quite the tree.
You remember Hazel Winterson.
[Mr. Wheeler] They were
one ofthe first to leave.
Well, l'm notsurprised.
Here we are.
Ooh, aren't you lucky.
look whatSanta
broughtyou last night.
Yea !
Not that you
deserve it.
Thankyou, Santa.
Imagine. Coming late
to Christmas.
Ah, ah, ah.
Not in the fire.
- Oh, right. It's fake.
- What do you mean, it's fake ?
It's not fake.
It's not for burning.
Use the bag.
Whenyou two were kids,
you always used
to wake usat 6.:00.
""Oh, can we open
the presents now, Mom ?
Mom-- Mom, it's Christmas.
Wake up, Dad !""
Well, no point
trying to go to sleep.
But your father
put his foot down.
""No opening the presents
until your grandma arrives.""
We had to put a skipping rope
across the stairs...
just to keepyou
fromgettingat the tree.
- Skipping rope ?
- [Mr. Wheeler]
l'm surprisedit worked.
Now he comes
an hour late.
Uh, well, Mom, there are
two really good excuses
I can think of...
that maybe
youshouldkeep in mind.
For one thing, it's not really
Christmas today, is it, Mom ?
it's the endofthe world.
The worldis ending tonight
at midnight,
andthat'skept me
I'll check the dinner.
Would it hurt you
to play alongjust once ?
lt meansa lot to her--
to have herfamily.
I'm sorry.
Today ofall days.
All right.
Okay, I'm opening.
Uh, can I open
the big one first ?
Wait foryour mother.
Mom ! Mom !
[Man On Radio]
lhavejust one question
formy listeners.
Doyou thinkJimmy
is loving MaryAnn
on theirlast night together?
let's take a look
through the lookingglass
Here on CKRT,
withya untilthe end.
ܢ[Man Singing]
So, juice ?
Oh. Perfect.
Mm, tropical punch.

- 27

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