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Последний герой боевика

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this is a movie, didn't you?
How did it go?
Hey! How did it go?
Come on. I'm dying out here.
How was it?
I wanna know how it went.
Come on. Move your butt.
How did it went?
- It went splendidly!
- Wait a minute.
I can't hear you.
I don't wanna miss a thing.
Come here. Come here.
- Hey, Benedict, get your stuff.
- I'm coming.
- Was it beautiful?
- Perfect in every detail.
And the gas tanks,
were they okay?
Like clockwork.
You should have been there.
Men, women and children dropping...
...writhing and screaming.
Wait a minute. Wait. wait.
I wanna enjoy it all.
Come on. Come on. Tell me. Tell me.
They were writhing and screaming and
leaping to their doom to escape the pain.
- Really?
- No, not really. I'm lying.
It was a complete and utter balls-up,
and I've had a terrible day...
...thanks largely to you.
What is this, Benedict?
First you're my friend.
Now you turn a...
...360 on me.
- God!
One-eighty, you stupid,
spaghetti-slurping cretin.
If I did a 360, I'd go completely around
and end up back where I started!
Trust me.
If that little turd Daniel Madigan
can move through parallel worlds...
...I can move through parallel worlds.
In and out.
In, steal whatever I want,
and out again, impossible to catch.
If God was a villain...
...he'd be me.
You want me vacuum now?
No, thank you...
...but the pool could benefit
from some attention.
Very good.
Don't move.
All right, Slater. I'll go quietly.
The hell you will.
That was for blowing up
my second cousin Frank's house.
And this is for blowing up
my ex-wife's house.
But this...
This is for my daughter's black eye!
Usually when I do that
it leaves a hole.
The ticket.
Jack, he's got the ticket!
It's the key to everything.
It's magic.
See? That's my world!
He's gone over to my world!
The door, it must still be open.
Come on!
I'm not worried
that you're crazy anymore.
I'm worried that you're right.
But if I go, how do I get back?
You can't go through life nitpicking
every little thing. Now come on!
The hell with it.
There was nothing to it.
We're still here.
Are you sure about that?
Quickly! Quickly!
- I gotta see if Nick's okay!
- There's no time! Come on.
What the hell?
- We're in New York.
- Jack, it all makes sense.
No, actually, it makes no sense,
but I'll try to explain it later.
Meantime, be careful.
Things work different here.
- Get out!
- All right. Don't get feisty.
- The car's a piece of junk anyway.
- Drive, bonehead!
Here's another explosion
for your movie, kid.
Not a word. Not one word.
My hand, it really hurts.
Things work different here. You can't
smash a car window and not get hurt.
Thanks for sharing.
You couldn't have told me this earlier?
- I think the taxis are bulletproof.
- Jack, we gotta get that ticket back.
No way, Slater.
Please. Listen to me.
It won't work. You can't play chicken
in real life. You'll crash!
Out of the car, amigo.
This isn't the movies anymore, Jack.
- Here, you have to reload guns...
- Go, Danny!
- Car crashes can kill you! You hear me?
- Get out!
You are gonna die!
What did I do?
Oh, Christ, please.
Damn it. That hurt.
You're lucky you're still alive,
you dumb idiot!
'89 Mercury Sable,
standard driver's-side air bag.
Checker cab, no air bag.
Who is dumb?
Okay. Okay.
Just make sure they're dead.
- Give me a break. They're dead.
- Just check.
Look. Dead.
They always look dead!
Like in Die Hard.
The guy's hanging there...
...and at the end of the movie
he comes back.
All right. Make sure to cover me.
I think he's got a windshield wiper.
Maybe he used the ticket.
Maybe it's on all the time now.
What is this place?
Where am I now?
...you got a place I can sit down?
Come on.
- Nick! Nick!
- Oh, Danny. Oh, my God.
I was so worried. Are you okay?
Did you see what happened?
I slept the sleep of the dead, kid.
I woke up at 2 in the morning
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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