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Последний герой боевика

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Officer Slater, the guy
with the missing eye...
...I saw his license plate.
Well, good for you.
- You mean the guy with the glass eye?
- No.
When he was running
for the car, it was missing.
It's got words.
"Vengeance is."
Don't touch...
I've had about all I can take!
I got the California Raisins doing
The Diary of Anne Frank...
- Did you catch that?
- You ball-peen jack-a-minus...
I slurped about all the cocksucking toast
I can take!
You know you...
I think some of it's English.
Well, see if this is clear enough!
Give me your badge!
And this time, you won't get it back.
Wohlschlager, you're partnered up with
the digitalization of Humphrey Bogart.
What, are you making
some changes?
Why don't you come and work
the funeral with me anyway?
I wouldn't miss this one.
I hear Torelli spent a bundle.
He's got a damn helicopter
circling the building.
A rooftop funeral service
in Long Beach. How's that for taste?
Who died?
Leo the Fart was shot yesterday.
Somebody was trying for Torelli
and missed.
Leo was tough.
He could do everything
but sneak up on you.
Look, you change your mind,
I'll be in front of the hotel.- Where are we anyway?
- Home.
How did you know
there was a guy in there?
There's always a guy in there.
Costs me a fortune
in closet doors.
Right. Like in Slater Part Il:
The Sagittarius Strangler.
Yeah, in a few seconds, you're gonna
meet the Madigan strangler.
I just got fired.
What you find so entertaining
happens to be my life.
Now I'm not even a cop anymore.
You'll get your badge back.
He was just pulling rank because you
destroyed more of the city than usual.
Jack, you're not just my hero,
you're everybody's hero.
It will all be okay again.
Trust me.
No, Danny. It's getting harder.
I never started out to be
anything but a decent cop.
But I kept getting involved
in these crazy adventures.
But the craziest part is,
I kept surviving.
Jack, these are the sequels.
They gotta get harder.
But look on the good side.
You've got a great daughter.
And your ex-wife wouldn't keep calling
if she didn't want you back.
Danny, you think I would marry
someone so stupid...
...that doesn't know the real voice
from a taped one?
I pay a cashier at the drugstore
to call me at the station...
...so the guys think
I have a private life.
My ex-wife, she's happily remarried.
She never calls.
And Whitney...
Why can't she be like
every other teenager?
On prom night, she stays home
and fieldstrips an AK-47.
She's gonna die a young maid.
I know it.
I'm gonna buy it soon too.
No way. You can't die
till the grosses go down.
That guy Vivaldi...
He said something
was gonna happen at a funeral.
Leo the Fart is gonna have one.
Maybe we should look into that.
- Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.
- Jack, it's a funeral for a guy named Fart.
Check this out. Someone tried to kill
old man Torelli, right?
- Missed. Shot Leo the Fart by mistake.
- Right.
Wrong. Who took the shot?
Was it Benedict?
Most likely.
Would he miss?
No way.
Unless he wanted to miss.
You're saying he meant to miss?
Because, amigo,
Leo the Fart was very, very fat.
- Get it?
- No, I don't.
They broke in last night. They cut Leo
open like a turkey, stuffed him with TNT.
He goes off at the funeral and takes out
the entire Torelli mob all at once.
Vivaldi owns the town.
That's what all this has been about.
Vivaldi's gonna blow up that funeral.
No. It wouldn't just be a bomb.
We've already had a dozen explosions
in this movie.
Oh, Danny, don't start that again.
- Nerve gas!
- What are you talking about?
Three canisters of nerve gas were stolen
from military trucks the night before last.
They could have stuffed those
inside him. You know what that means?
Leo the Fart is gonna pass gas
one more time.
Mr. Torelli, I hope it's all right with you
I am here.
- I don't wanna be no fourth wheel.
- Nonsense, Antonio...
Fifth wheel.
Thank you. Thank you.
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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