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Последний герой боевика

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door must still be open. Come on!
I am not worried
that you are crazy anymore.
I am worried that you are right.
But if I go, how do I get back?
You cannot go through life
nit-picking everything. Come on!
To hell with it.
There was nothing to it.
- We are still here.
- Are you sure? Look.
- I want to see about Nick.
- No time.
What the hell?
- We are in New York.
- It all makes sense.
Actually, it makes no sense,
but I will explain. Later.
Just be careful.
Things are different here.
Get out!
Do not get feisty. The car
was a piece of junk anyway.
Drive, bonehead!
Here is another explosion
for your movie.
Not one word.
- My hand hurts.
- Things are different here.
Smash a window with your hand
and it gets hurt.
Great. Could you not
have told me earlier?
- The taxis must be bulletproof.
- We have to get the ticket.
No way, Slater. Listen to me.
It will not work.
You cannot play chicken
in real life. You will crash.
Out of the car, amigo.
This is not the movies.
You have to reload guns...
- Go, Danny! Get out!
- Car crashes can kill you!
You are going to die!
What did I do?
No, please...
Damn, that hurt.
You are lucky to be alive,
you dumb idiot!
'89 Mercury Sable, standard air bag.
Checker cab, no air bag. Who is dumb?
- Just make sure they are dead.
- Give me a break. They are dead.
They always look dead.
In "Die Hard" a guy is hung -
- and at the end of the movie,
he comes back.
All right. Make sure to cover me.
He may have a windshield wiper.
Maybe he used the ticket.
Maybe it is on all the time now.
What is this place?
Where am I now?
Danny, do you have a place
I can sit down?
Yes. Come on.
Danny, I was so worried.
Are you okay?
Did you see what happened?
No, I slept in here until I woke up
at 2 a.m. I figured you had gone home.
No, I was in the movie!
I am getting up in the years.
Define "in".
Whitney kissed me! I drove a crane
and dropped Leo the Fart in a tar pit!
I was with Jack Slater
every step of the way!
Oh, my God...
The ticket works?
All this time I never used it,
because I was too frightened.
But it is not too late.
I can still go visit.
Garbo in "Camille".
Jean Harlow. Boy, I had a crush.
Monroe in "Bus Stop".
Forgive me for going on, sir.
I admire your work greatly, too.
- Nick, it is not who you think.
- You mean, it is...?
This is a wonderful moment,
Mr. Slater.
I have never met
a fictional character before.
How new and exciting
this must all be for you.
I have just found out
I am imaginary.
How would you like
to have been made up?
Your job, your marriage, your kids.
Let us push his son off the building.
You will have eternal nightmares,
but you are fictional, so who cares?
I do not find it new and exciting
that my whole life is a damn movie.
You are young and impressionable.
There are worse things than movies.
Politicians, wars, forest fires.
Famine, plague.
- Sickness, pain, warts, politicians.
- You have already mentioned them.
I know. They are twice as bad
as anything else.
Most of my life has been movies, too.
But that is all over for me now.
The theatre is shut.
Soon it is the wrecking ball.
But now I have a new chance.
Can I have the ticket back?
We have one little... hiccup.
- What do you mean?
- Benedict has the ticket.
The madman with the glass eye?
- How are you getting back?
- Good question.
But I would not want to
nit-pick, right, Danny?
Just follow my lead.
Where have you been?
Do you know what time it is?
The police call,
you are nowhere to be found...
- Mom, I am sorry, okay?
- "Okay"?
There are kids with guns everywhere
and that is all you have to say?
- Get in here!
- Mom, wait.
You always say you wish
I had more friends. Well...
Hello, Mrs. Madigan.
Arnold Braunschweiger.
do you want to have a party?
- How old are you?
- Forget it.
Take his shoes, man!
Take his shoes?
No screams.
No sirens.
Excuse me!
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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