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Последний герой боевика

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I did not ask to become a widow
before the age of forty.
I know that.
Give me a hug.
- I will not cut again.
- Let me hear the "P" word.
I promise.
Jesus! I am late.
I have to get to work.
Lock the top lock
the minute I close the door.
And do not open for anyone.
Bye. I love you.
Are you alone?
Okay. Move it!
Do yourself to the drain.
Tough guy.
Do it.
I will make it easier for you.
Go ahead.
Do it.
What is it with you?
You have junk!
No jewelry, no VCR.
A shit TV worth twenty bucks.
Go fish, amigo.
Remember your mom says
you are to go straight home.
She will be there
when the shift is over.
If we find the guy,
I will give you a call.
- I almost gave up on you.
- I am sorry.
- What do you think?
- I have never seen anything like it.
- It is not too tight, is it?
- No. It is the style.
I always wanted to be a magician.
But my hands were too tiny.
My father worked here
and got me my first job. Usher.
I worked myself up to projectionist.
It is not much, but it is showbiz.
So, is the print ready?
Just a minute, young man.
Are we not forgetting something?
You have to have a ticket to see
a movie. And I have just the one.
When I was your age, Harry Houdini
played here and I met him backstage.
And he made a gesture
like this.
And all of a sudden
this was in his hand.
And he said to me:
"This is a magic ticket."
"I got it from an Indian magician,
who got it from a Tibetan magician."
"It is a passport to another world.
It was mine."
"And now it is yours."
And now it is yours.
- What does it do, Nick?
- I never had the courage to find out.
I have always wanted to try,
but I was afraid it would not work.
At your age Houdini was like a god
to me. What if he was faking?
And then again...
- What if it did work?
- What if it did?
Houdini said something else.
He said:
"This ticket has a mind of its own.
It does what it wants to do."
That always made me edgy.
I guess there is only one way
to find out then. Right?
Please retain your stub, sir.
- Shall we see if Slater wins?
- Jack Slater cannot lose.
Never has, never will.
Oh, Frankie.
Frankie, why do you
keep on with the insults?
- I would not insult you, Mr. Vivaldi.
- When you lie, that is an insult.
You are Jack Slater's favourite cousin.
You talk all the time.
I must know what Slater knows
and you are going to tell me.
Does he know
that me and Torelli -
- have just signed
a secret pact to control -
- all drugs
in Southern California?
We mostly talk
muzzle velocities. Guns.
Meet Mr. Benedict.
The genuine article.
And you better believe it.
Sometimes he likes to bake
while he shoots people.
I am saying that Mr. Benedict
can take you out as easy as cake.
Pie, you Sicilian schmuck.
The man is a surgeon.
Do you want me to make him
operate on you?
I swear I do not know.
Dump him at his place.
But take it easy.
He bought it. He actually believes
me and Torelli are banding together.
The beauty part is, nobody knows
different. Until after the funeral.
Then everybody knows.
Everybody knows
Tony Vivaldi is number one.
You are going to pay.
Is this right?
It does not look like a crack house.
Do you want 60 guys dancing on
the lawn throwing cocaine around?
- What is up, guys?
- Quiet. This is a drug bust.
Drug bust? You must be joking.
My cousin Frank lives here.
The only drugs he has is aspirin.
If you touch that front door,
you are going to need them.
It must be a mistake.
We received an anonymous tip.
Jack, listen to me.
- Who did this?
- Listen to me.
This is important.
Tony Vivaldi and the Torelli mob
are joining forces.
I am out of here.
Sorry, Frank.
It is a bomb!
He is okay. Minor wound.
Both cops dead.
Two days to retirement.
- Who the hell are you?
- Do not shoot me! I am a kid.
- How did you get here?
- I do not think you want to know.
Close your eyes, stay flat
and do not move!
You are driving with no hands!
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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