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Последний герой боевика

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yours, too.
Come on.
Have I told you about the time
my dad took me to see Buffalo Bill?
We met Sitting Bull,
who was his medicine man.
Subtitles by Harry Allen
Scandinavian Text ServiceThis is one hell of a way
to spend Christmas.
- Mulcahey!
- Sir.
Secure the sidewalk.
No one gets in or out.
I have a present for you!
Let the children go!
Damn you, Ripper!
Do no even think it, Slater.
Wait for the hostage negotiator.
Goddamn it, Jack,
I am talking to you!
The last time you pulled this
jive, jitterbug, tough gonad shit -
- people lost bodyparts!
If you go in there,
you will lose your badge!
Jack, as Mayor of this city, -
- you and I have had our tiffs,
but this is the Lieutenant Governor.
- When the Governor gets here, call me.
- Do not let Slater in.
Repeat: Do not let him in!
Piece of cake.
Do you want to be a farmer?
Here is a couple of acres.
- Dekker, the next one I will hurt.
- Slater, do not go in there!
Check fire. There is a plain-clothes
officer in the building.
- Jack, what kept you?
- Dad!
Andy is getting nervous.
I promised him you would come.
I gave him my word he could
watch you die. Lose the cannon.
Has he hurt you, Andrew?
Did you say hurt, Jack?
What do you know about hurt?
- You put me in a cage for ten years.
- You deserved the death penalty.
Yes, whatever.
Things crawl around in my head
and sit on my chest when I wake up.
Do you know what it is like?
Your illegal search rendered
the bloody axe inadmissable. Remember?
Now lose the gun.
All right, I am unarmed.
Let the boy go.
Just one gun, Jack?
You must be kidding.
- Is that all, sport?
- Yes, that about does it.
Then step away.
Unless you consider this a weapon.
Brilliant, Jack. Brilliant.
I surrender.
- That is a live grenade.
- Sure.
You will sacrifice your son to get me.
I am flattered, but I doubt it.
Andy, pick up the grenade.
Go on.
Show it to me.
Jack, that toy cannot
hurt the boy.
But this one can.
Come on, focus!
People are trying to sleep.
The film is out of focus.
The film... Never mind.
Nick, are you okay?
The climax is on the fritz.
I never used to do that, Danny.
It is okay. I have seen this Slater
six times. I was just worried.
The new Jack Slater opens
this weekend.
Like I did not know that.
"They killed his cousin. Big mistake!"
"Jack Slater IV."
I am checking the print tonight.
Midnight. Just myself.
I could get you admittance,
if that sort of thing appeals to you.
See it before it opens?
Who do I have to kill?
Just get to school.
You will only be four hours late.
Treachery, conspiracy, sex,
sword fights, madness, ghosts.
And everybody dies.
Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
could not be more exciting.
And though he may seem
incapable of taking action, -
- he is one of the first
action heroes.
You will now see a scene from
the film by Laurence Olivier.
You may have seen him in the
Polaroid commercial -
- or as Zeus in
"Clash of the Titans".
O bosom black as death.
Help angels.
All may yet be well.
Now he is praying.
And now I will do it.
- And so he goes to heaven.
- Do not talk, just do it.
Hey, Claudius.
You killed my father.
Big mistake.
Something is rotten
in the state of Denmark.
And Hamlet
is taking out the trash.
- Stay thy hand, fair prince.
- Who said I am fair?
No one is going to tell
this sweet prince goodnight.
To be... or not to be.
Not to be.
The whole morning?
He was not?
No, he was not at school today.
He is sick as a lamb.
Tell me the story of your life
starting this morning, first period.
And make it good.
Something along the lines of:
"I cut so I could donate a kidney."
Were you at the movies again?
That crazy guy is an accessory.
- Nick is not crazy.
- Damn it, Danny!
I lied to a principal. And what for?
So you can go to the movies?
I did not choose
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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