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Последний герой боевика

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Where are you going?
I will be back.
You did not know I would say that.
- You always say that.
- I do?
Everybody waits for you to say it.
It is like your calling card.
You are interested in
drug dealers?
Jack, that is the henchman
with the glass eye.
- Are you a henchman?
- No, I only go as far as lackey.
- Anything else?
- Take off your sunglasses.
- Who is asking?
- The Tin Man.
- I suggest you hit the bricks.
- No. They are the wrong colour.
Oh, dear. Let us change them.
Would arterial red suit you?
Make no mistake.
They are very well trained.
I snap my fingers again and tomorrow
you emerge from several canine rectum.
Or you and Toto can go back to Oz.
Yes. Two of them.
Why am I wasting time on
a putz like you -
- when I could be doing something
dangerous like rearranging my socks?
And how will you snap your fingers
after I rip off both your thumbs?
Have a nice day.
He had one with a bull's-eye earlier.
He calls his boss a Sicilian schmuck.
How did Slater find out?
Will you tell me?
I want him to join me, but he
keeps going after the bad guys.
Where is it written
that I am a bad guy?
Find out who talked and have
him killed. Then, Slater.
- What is it with you?
- We should call off the funeral.
Are you crazy?
When I say blood bath, there is...
A blood bath.
I will find out more about
Slater's short friend.
- He must be guilty of something.
- Yes, of acting like an asshole.
If I arrest him,
I have to arrest Congress.
- Why did your park there?
- In case my ex-wife is here.
She is not.
Her name was not in the credits.
- Who does the doctor treat?
- Patients.
- What is the elbow of my jacket doing?
- Wearing thin?
That was a stretch.
- Do you drive this on the weekends?
- No, that is my girl's car.
Knock on the door.
Your ex-wife is not home.
Her name was not in the credits.
- I hope you mean Whitney.
- Sorry. Whitney.
You are not Skeezy, are you?
- Stop it, Daddy!
- You have gained some weight.
Hi. I am Danny Madigan
and my life has not been long yet.
But from now on,
it will all be downhill.
- You look wonderful.
- Thank you.
So, who is your friend?
He is cute.
No, he is hopelessly insane.
He probably loved you in
"Gone With the Wind".
- This is her first movie.
- Do you see?
- Who is Skeezy?
- It is a sorority thing.
They assign you a freshman
and when he comes by you kiss him.
- Do you have to kiss him?
- Dad, come on!
If the phone rings for me, I will be
out of the shower in less than an hour.
What a cutie.
That is old evidence.
Counterfeit case. Looks real, right?
It turns funny colours when you
burn it. I used it for alimony.
What is wrong?
You do not happen to have
a cigar, do you?
"I will be back." I know.
Dad! Dad!
He would have been your age.
I know. The Ripper pulled him
down off the roof three years ago.
- Your dad saw everything.
- How do you know all that?
Your dad is in the papers a lot.
I like crime stories.
- That is Skeezy.
- I will get rid of him.
Hello, Toto.
There and there and there.
Let go of me!
- Good evening. Is Uncle Jack here?
- He is off tracking a lead.
Joe, would you teach her
the virtue of silence?
Benedict, if you harm
a hair on her head...
You were saying?
Now, I believe it was
Sherlock Holmes who said:
"Eliminate all logical
solutions to a problem -
- and the illogical becomes
invariably true."
I know your name is Daniel Madigan,
but how do you know mine?
Slater showed me some mugshots.
We made your face easy.
Daniel Madigan from New York.
A long way from home.
- When did you get here?
- Just.
Then how do you know
what I said on the terrace?
I heard a recording.
- Are there microphones in the statues?
- You would not believe how many.
- And the eye I was wearing?
- I saw it.
I saw it in a movie. There were
micro-cameras in the statues.
I have killed people smarter
and younger than you.
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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