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Последний герой боевика

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it, and star in it.
- Is this guy a success story, or what?
- It's unbelievable.
Only in America.
Well, only in Hollywood, I would say.
And talking about Hollywood,
at Planet Hollywood, we have this incredible
memorabilia. Yes, I'm telling you...
Excuse us, we're just gonna get going.
Thanks very much.
...absolutely fabulous. I'm telling you.
You embarrassed me, you low-forehead.
It was humiliating.
How could you do something like that?
Chris, check this out. Look, it's the Ripper
from Jack Slater III.
Let's "ax" him a question, okay?
See if we can get him over here.
Wow, will you look at this?
A method villain.
Rip, Rip, come here.
What brings you here tonight?
I... I thought I might kill someone.
Maybe you should start with
your designer.
Nobody wants to miss out tonight.
The limos just keep coming.
The stars are really shining in Times Square.
Excuse me, sir.
Could I see your invitation?
Pete, it's okay.
He's with me. I'm his agent.
Jesus Christ, Tom, come here.
My goodness, it's Tom Noonan, of course,
the actor who played the Ripper.
Who plays the Rip...
What are you, nuts? You want to play
ax killers the rest of your life?
Honey, honey, come here.
I'm gonna need the manager's office
for about five, 10 minutes.
- I'm sorry, sir...
- You're sorry? Here's 50 bucks.
How sorry are you now?
What do you think
Jack Slater says about America?
I really want to hear it.
I don't really want to hear it.
I'm not really a big fan ofArnold's
but she is, you know.
Arnold really turns her on and I just want to
be there when it happens, that's all.
Good, Tom, you got the props, too.
That's terrific.
Why don't you just whip a hibachi
out from under your coat there?
And we could make some shish kebabs
for the critics. That'd be good.
You're lucky I have a friend
who rents tuxedos.
Hello. Yeah. I know it's late. Tell him it's me.
Did Nicholson show up to the premiere
of Batman dressed as the Joker?
I don't think so.
Hi, Murray,
get me your brother-in-law, will you?
Yes, it's important.
It fits nice. Moving the button was
a good idea. Just get...
Hey, Marv. Yeah, I need a tux.
- What the hell was that?
- Hey! Watch it!
You're a big action guy.
What do you think about this?
I would never miss
the premiere for a second.
Where am I sitting? Where?
Where am I sitting?
There's two balconies.
I believe you're in the upper...
Lower balcony.
- You stay here...
- Yeah, I know. I stay here.
And be careful.
Somebody should
be checking that other balcony. Definitely!
Arnold, look. Deal's done, right?
- What?
- Slater V, the soundtrack.
I'll be a son of a...
Jack! It's the Ripper!
He's brought back the Ripper!
Jack, Benedict's brought back the Ripper!
Everybody down! Now!
Get off me!
Get the hell off me.
The studio should let me know
when they're planning a stunt.
You know, you are the best
celebrity look-alike I've ever seen.
Why not?
Hey, if you get to Los Angeles,
call my office.
We can get you shopping center openings...
Look, I don't really like you. All right?
You've brought me nothing but pain.
Jack, help!
Did anyone come out of here?
Did you see anyone come out here?
Did you see a crazy guy with an ax
coming out of here?
No, no. I didn't.
Hey, Jack. What kept you?
Are you all right, Danny?
Yes... Yes, sir.
You know, I tried to change, Jack.
I really tried to do what he told me to do,
but you know, I kept hearing that old music.
That's how I knew you'd come here, Jack.
Now, lose the piece.
It's now between you and me,
so let the boy go.
Hey, we've played this number before,
haven't we, Jack?
Let's see, what comes next?
You throw the gun away, right?
We did that part and...
And then you tell me to let the kid go and...
I'm getting bored.
Why don't we just skip to the end?
Come on, Jack! Come on.
Over here, right here, Jack. Come on.
Right here.
Come on, Jack! Let's go, man.
Come here, Jack.
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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