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Последний герой боевика

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- Real enough. For now.
- Are you going to catch him?
- I always catch everybody.
By spotting him from up here?
Give me a break. It is the first
time I have been anyplace real.
This ticket, it worked in one movie.
Could Benedict use it again?
On other movies?
Why would he do that?
I do not know.
But it is a start.
The possibilities are limitless.
But I have realised -
- that freedom would elude me
until Jack Slater was, -
- forgive the pun,
taken out of the picture.
And I thought
you might be inclined to help.
This must all be strange to you.
But if you do this right, -
- the world is your oyster.
Trust me.
You will be free to do whatever
you want beyond your wildest dreams.
And you will never have to go
back to this film again.
You have never heard
of this man, -
- but his actual name is
Arnold Schwarzenegger.
There are a thousand theatres
and we have looked for 5 hours.
- We are close to catching him.
- No, to catching pneumonia.
In my world they just leave clues.
Or they show up and kidnap me.
That stuff does not happen here,
because this world stinks!
The world is what you make of it.
You can give up and go home.
- You believed in me in the movies.
- But here you are just...
Just what?
Jack, there he is!
Are you nuts?!
- You crazy asshole!
- He is just a cabbie!
In the movies they say "Make my day"
or "I am your worst nightmare".
You did not know I would say that!
- Where did he go?
- He was reading a paper.
- He has been going to the movies.
- That is not the half of it.
We are live from New York.
We are moments away from
the premiere of "Jack Slater IV".
And here is the man
they have come to see.
It is Arnold Schwarzenegger
and his wife, Maria Shriver.
- Good to see you.
- Are you a big fan of Slater?
I have enjoyed it.
It was just beautiful.
The National Enquirer.
Do not talk to them.
Do not plug the restaurants.
I hate that. It is so tacky.
- Why go to the movies?
- To get help.
Benedict can do anything.
But we know who he is.
- So he must take us out.
- He cannot get to you.
He does not have to.
All he has to do is get to him.
- Benedict will kill Schwarzenegger.
- Who is Slater.
In this movie we only kill 48 people.
In the last one we killed 119.
But we make up for it with a good
story, emotions, depth, dimensions.
There are thousands here tonight
and millions around the world.
- I directed and produced it.
- This guy is a success story.
- Only in America.
- Only in Hollywood.
And at Planet Hollywood we have
some incredible memorabilia.
It is absolutely fabulous...
You embarrassed me.
How could you do that?
Chris, it is the Ripper
from "Jack Slater III". Scary.
- Let us "axe" him a question.
- Look at this method villain.
Rip, what brings you here?
- I thought I might kill someone.
- You should start with your designer.
Nobody wants to miss out.
The notables just keep coming.
Excuse me, sir.
Could I see your invitation?
Pete, it is okay. I am his agent.
Jesus Christ, Tom. Come here.
It is Tom Noonan,
the actor who played the Ripper.
Are you nuts? Do you want to
play axe killers for ever?
I need the manager's office for
10 minutes. Here is 50 bucks.
What do you think
Slater says about America?
I do not want to hear it.
I am not a big fan of Arnold.
She is. Arnold turns her on. I just
want to be there when it happens.
Good, you have the props, too.
Whip out a Hibachi -
- and we can make some shish-kebab.
I will rent you a tuxedo.
Tell him it is me.
Did Nicholson go to the premiere of
"Batman" dressed as the Joker? No.
Murray, get me your brother-in-law.
Yes, it is important.
- What do you think about this?
- I would never miss the premiere.
Where am I sitting? Where?
Where am "I" sitting?
There are two balconies.
I believe you are in the lower one.
You stay here. And be careful.
Someone should be checking
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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