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Последний герой боевика

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a cigar, do you?
"I will be back." I know.
Dad! Dad!
He would have been your age.
I know. The Ripper pulled him
down off the roof three years ago.
- Your dad saw everything.
- How do you know all that?
Your dad is in the papers a lot.
I like crime stories.
- That is Skeezy.
- I will get rid of him.
Hello, Toto.
There and there and there.
Let go of me!
- Good evening. Is Uncle Jack here?
- He is off tracking a lead.
Joe, would you teach her
the virtue of silence?
Benedict, if you harm
a hair on her head...
You were saying?
Now, I believe it was
Sherlock Holmes who said:
"Eliminate all logical
solutions to a problem -
- and the illogical becomes
invariably true."
I know your name is Daniel Madigan,
but how do you know mine?
Slater showed me some mugshots.
We made your face easy.
Daniel Madigan from New York.
A long way from home.
- When did you get here?
- Just.
Then how do you know
what I said on the terrace?
I heard a recording.
- Are there microphones in the statues?
- You would not believe how many.
- And the eye I was wearing?
- I saw it.
I saw it in a movie. There were
micro-cameras in the statues.
I have killed people smarter
and younger than you.
This is between you and Slater.
Take the money in the desk -
- and leave me and Meredith...
Whitney, alone.
Holy shit, boss.
It looks like two K in here.
Just a minute. Give it to me.
These bills are marked, right?
You tried to sucker me with them.
Burn it.
- Burn it?
- Yes, burn it.
Do not play games with grown-ups.
You will get hurt.
Big mistake.
Great, is it not?
I will hurt you a little bit.
Freeze! Lose the guns or I redecorate
in brain matter grey. Got it?
Kill me and I will kill him.
Leave it. Get the door.
Do not give up your day job.
Do not leave home without it.
- Where are you going?
- I have to catch the red-eye.
I do not believe this.
I am in the movie and...
I am missing the action!
Get the hell out of here!
Back up the top!
Next time we get thicker armour.
Like a tank.
Chicken it is.
This is going to work.
It is a movie. I am a good guy.
I am a comedy sidekick.
Oh, shit! It is not going to work!
- I think I scared them.
- You did great. Come on.
Benedict has the ticket.
Too bad.
I wanted it for my collection.
You are travelling through
another dimension.
My name is Skeezy.
Say this.
- Grow up.
- Just say this one word.
- Is it another movie proof?
- Maybe.
- I do not want to say it.
- Say what?
You cannot say it, because
this movie is PG-13. Admit it.
Slater. The guy with the missing eye,
I saw his licence plate.
Good for you.
- You mean the guy with the glass eye?
- No, when he ran it was missing.
It has got words.
"Vengeance is..."
Did you catch that?
Some of it may be English.
See if this is clear enough:
Give me your badge!
And you will not get it back.
Wohlschlдger, team up with
the digitalised Humphrey Bogart.
Are you making some changes?
Why not come and work the funeral
with me? I would not miss it.
Torelli has spent a bundle. He has
a helicopter circling the building.
A rooftop funeral in Long Beach.
How is that for taste?
- Who died?
- Leo the Fart. Shot yesterday.
Somebody tried for Torelli
and missed.
Leo was tough. Only he could not
sneak up on you.
If you change your mind,
I will be in front of the hotel.
- Where are we, anyway?
- Home.
How did you know
there was a guy in there?
There always is. It costs me
a fortune in closet doors.
Like in "Slater II -
The Sagittarius Strangler".
Soon you will meet the Madigan
Strangler. I just got fired.
What you find so entertaining is my life.
I am not even a cop anymore.
He only took your badge, because you
destroyed more of the city than usual.
Jack, you are everybody's hero.
It will all be okay again. Trust me.
No, Danny. It is getting harder.
I only wanted to be a decent cop.
But I kept getting involved
in crazy
Последний герой боевика Последний герой боевика

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