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Where the winter day is long
In the ice cold water
A baby-seal is having fun.
He swims alone without fear
As floating brings him joy
But he was weak and he was cold
The strength has left the boy
Above the water baby-seal
Is crying out for help
And in an instant other seals...
Responded to his yelp
Does anyone know we are here?
Surrounded by the warmth and love
Of other seals around
He is ready to continue now
His path to promised ground
Let any other cloudy day
Invade and pour rains
So long as you have in your way
The presence of your friends...
I am flying to Hurghada.
Well... Hold on, Ben!
Press the left pedal,
push the stick to the right.
Let any other cloudy day
Invade and pour rains...
If you feel sick, Ben,
dont worry about soiling the plane.
Its okay
Dont be shy! Have a candy.
Itll help.
Keep your chin up, Ben.
Its good to have a nice job.
I always wanted to tell you
but I couldn't.
I wont leave you when you need me.
Youre a good boy, Ben!
Now if only youd say these things to me
Well? Tell me, tell me...
What the hell?!
What the hell are you doing there?!
Give me a towel!
Its time for lunch.
Did you find something to drink?
Beer. There is no water.
Why didnt you remind me?
Try it.
Open a can of peaches.
Ill still be thirsty.
Bring me the bag of meat.
Is it for sharks?
 Does anyone know we are here?
 Could they find us?
No one will ever know weve been here.
 Doesn't anyone know?
 I told you.
Oh, are you afraid to stay alone?
 It's getting windy.
Never be afraid to be alone.
Remember that.
It looks like you dont want to go in.
 Why do you think that?
 I dont know. It just seems like
Never mind about how things seem.
There. Now if you can get across the line
I wont grab you. Got it?
Well? It's the last inch that counts.
Ben! Ben! It's time!
Come out, please!
Come out!..
 Dad! You are here!
 Why you are bawling?
 It got on me when I tied up the meat.
And they were irritated.
 Where are you going?
 I'll be back now.  Don't go!
 I left the camera at the bottom.
 Don't go, please!
Can you count?
The camera costs 600 dollars
and the stuff inside is not less
than one thousand.
 Well?  Don't go!
 You want me to just leave
all that for the sharks?
Im not that rich.
 I can't let you go! I can't! Don't go!
 What happened?  I wont let you!
 Stop that, Davy! Youre a man now.
Are you going to act like it?
Don't worry, kid.
I won't be long.
Youve got my word.
 You'll be alright.
 But what about you?
I'll be alright too.
Come out! Just come out!
Ill tell you everything
even about the telegram.
And Ill go live with Grandma
if you want me to.
Just come out!
 Im here.
 Turn me over...
 How are my legs?
 Your arms!
They're all cut up, they're horrible.
 I know that. What about my legs?
 They're covered in blood.
 Get my shirt...
and tear it up and wrap up my right arm.
Are you listening?
Tie up my left tight...
...as hard ...as you can.
I think is all over for me...
If Im lost, then he is, too
They wont find him here
until its too late.
Alright. Its done.
Tie them tight...
Do you get that?..
I'm going to tell you,
in case I go out again...
No first get me out of this aqualung
It's killing me...
Youre still bleeding
all over your legs
Forget about that right now.
Know what were going to do?
Put that big towel near me...
I did!
Looks like were going to have to swim.
Pull me up to the plane now!..
 But I can't!
 You can!
Try to understand me, kid.
You're going to have
to do all this, I'm sorry.
 Why are you looking at me like that?
 Ive never seen you so clearly
Ready? Let's go!
The land-mine rattles as heavy bass
The fire fountain has struck
Bob Kennedy is on a

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