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Well... Do as you wish.
 But if I were you
 Dont worry about it.
Youre not me.
Dont forget to take a good snack
for these gals!
Do they really like this dead meat?
 Bloody hell! This is no good.
 Give me the box.
 If they catch you in the prohibited area
 Remember... I'm flying in Hurghada.
Is he flying too?
I told you to send the telegram
and then go home!
 I just thought you had
changed your mind.
 About what?
 To send me...
 Where did you get that idea?
Can I fly with you?
Mr. Jifford is gone, isnt he?
 Give me the bags!
 He said there were
two seats in the plane
 Why dont you take him with you?
Hes leaving Sunday
 It's not worth the trouble.
Wheres the wire?
Give me a rope!
It's near the gas-tank.
 Go get yourself some candy.
The sour kind.  Does he get airsick?
Who, me?
 Im alright.
 I think Im alright.
 Well, when you think
you are alright enough,
then put your head down
so you dont soil this plane.
Sit up and pay attention.
Push the left pedal.
Whats the plane going to do?
This stick goes back and forth.
But if at the same time?
The stick goes to the left,
and push the right pedal.
Ive told you so many times
Youre a born pilot.
Keep your eye on the instrument panel.
Itll help you
Theres the last place I had a real job.
Oil exploration has folded now.
Its useless.
But useless for who?
 Who are you greeting?
 Just sit, and be quiet.
From bad to worse
three months and no job
then teaching the boys
so well-mannered and tidy
Because their parents have money.
 But I havent got any.
 What?  Nothing.
 The course?
 One hundred and sixty.
 Two thousand feet.
Oh... I was here with that...
fancier of ruins and legends.
Ruins... All my life only that...
Without legends...
Such surprising changes in the world
Greek sky African
Messerschmitts and Junkers in the sky
Nexta job in California
in Iran.. in Bahrain
in Egypt today, this job
 The speed?
 One hundred and ninety five.
Oil pressure getting near the red.
Yeah time sneaks up on you
One day you wake up and you are 43.
But you neednt conceal
your age like a woman.
Getting down to own business and...
Own business... Other's...
 Will we fly in soon?
 Yes, soon...
 What happens if the plane
hasnt been checked?
 Are you afraid?
 How do you know the wind direction?
 The waves, the odd cloud...
...the feel.
See how to approach.
Such a small place to land!
This is what counts.
Fifteen inches nine. six
Im easing the stick back.
Dont be foolish!
Dig a hole, put the food
in the sand.
 Should I pour water over it now?
 Yes. The more, the better.
Otherwise we'll lose our lunch.
Come here!
Hitch the strap!
 Will you be long?
 Give me the mask.
I'll be about twenty minutes.
Put some stones around the wheels.
Don't get into the cockpit.
Keep your head covered against the Sun.
 Better look after yourself...
And don't throw any stones in the water!
It frightens everything in sight.
Come on... Go on...
Im not going to film you,
even though youre so beautiful.
Theyre  not paying me for you.
Peace and quiet...
My God! So full of life
You sly thing! Hiding from me
and you dont care
You don't care about anything...
Hey, hey! Don't be afraid.
This machine gun doesn't shoot.
Do you want to play?
Looks like you really do.
Well? Good luck!
Be happy.
Hey! Thats a good boy!
Dont act like a tough guy.
Hey! Where are you?
Youve got eight legs, or arms,
I dont know what to call them.
And each one has its own job.
Youre one lucky guy.
Ah, welcome!
Ive been waiting just for you.
Come here closer
Im not going to tease you.
Pay no attention to me.
Everyone, just mind your own business.
A fish for the fish,
and a human for the humans.
 In a far northern country...
In a far northern

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