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What...? Gail? What is that?
Are you still giving me a lift home?
What are you looking at me
like that for?
That's him! Over there, with the whistle.
That's him! Get him!
Oh, shit!
Help! Help! Call the police!
I went to school with your son!
I mean, Mom, it's me!
I can't... Oh, goddamn it!
You're so stupid!
Come on! Cut it out!
I'll probably get blamed for that.
What do you want from me?
What have I done?
I'm just a word processor,
for chrissake!
Excuse me. Hi.
I wonder, could you...
It's okay.
Would you help me?
Would you please help me?
What do you want me to do?
Where do you live?
Can you take me home?
Because there's certain things
that I, you know, will not do.
I'm telling you in advance.
I really have to tell you something
before we start.
I have never done this
with a man before.
I'm a little bit nervous.
Listen, can I...
Can I use your telephone?
- Sure, it's...
- I see it. That's great.
- Operator. 
- Get me the police, please. Right away.
Just a minute. 
- Twelfth Precinct, Fitzgerald. 
- Yes, officer. Thank God. Okay.
My name is Paul Hackett. I'm in SoHo.
I don't know the exact location.
I'm being persecuted
by a vigilante mob.
I'm sure you're aware of their actions.
Now, I have every reason in the world to
believe that my life is in serious danger.
Evidently, there's a series of robberies...
...that are being conducted
in this neighborhood.
Just get some sleep, buddy. 
Hello? Hello?
I don't believe you...
Oh, my...
I'm sorry. I wonder...
...could I just crash out on
your couch for a couple hours?
I am just beat.
- Why don't you just go home.
- Pal...
...I've been asking myself that one
all night long.
So? So, what happened?
Why can't you?
All right.
I met this girl tonight, okay,
in a coffee shop.
She gave me her phone number.
So when I got home, I gave her a call.
She said to come over. In the cab,
all my money flew out the window.
Then I got to know this girl
and I didn't get along with her well.
It didn't work out, so I left.
I tried to take a subway tonight.
The fare went up. Did you know that?
- Yes.
- You knew that?
I didn't know anything about that.
I haven't got enough money to get home
until I meet a bartender...
...a nice guy who wanted
to lend me money.
I mean, he really wanted
to give me the money...
I mean, they'd actually purchased
this piece of work here.
I didn't know anything about that.
She's also pissed off at me,
and for this I don't blame her...
...for the way I treated her friend.
So I march in there to apologize,
but she'd already killed herself.
I was too late.
And he was about to give me the money
when all of a sudden his phone rang.
His girlfriend killed herself tonight.
Is that a coincidence?
No, because the same girl...
...who I came downtown to see
was dead too.
That's because they're the same person.
They're both dead.
I couldn't believe that.
He didn't know that I came down to,
you know... his girlfriend...
...because he would have taken my face
and he would have smashed it.
Luckily, there was this girl, who saw
everything, who let me use her phone.
Really nice about it too.
Let me use the phone. That was it.
Just use it. Pick it up and put it down.
Up and down.
Now she's the one in the ice cream truck
who's trying to kill me!
They're all trying to kill me.
I just wanted to leave my apartment...
...maybe meet a nice girl.
And now I've gotta die for it!
That's the girl. That is Julie.
That's her. Look.
Julie! Julie, it's me!
What are you doing? Come here.
Oh, God. That's the one.
That's the one. Unbelievable.
What's the matter with you?
You've gotta help me.
You've gotta help me.
Get ahold of yourself, okay?
- Can he get a glass of water?
- You gotta tell them.
Tell them it's not my fault.
I didn't do it. I didn't do it.
You've gotta make things
clearer to me.
I just got back from the
После работы После работы

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