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So are you. That's shit.
Don't get upset.
I just won't buy it from him anymore.
That's horseshit.
Are you all right?
Where are those plaster-of-Paris
paperweights, anyway?
That's what I came down here for.
That's not entirely true.
I came to see you...
but where are the paperweights?
That's what I wanna see now.
- What's the matter?
- I said I wanna see a plaster-of-Paris...
bagel-and-cream-cheese paperweight.
Now cough it up.
- Right now?
- Yes, right now.
They're in Kiki's bedroom.
Then get them. As we sit here chatting...
there are important papers
flying rampant around my apartment...
'cause I don't have anything
to hold them down with.
I don't know, Kiki.
Sorry about that.
- It's really coming down, huh?
- You bet.
Here you go.
- The fare is $1.50.
- What?
Fare went up to $1.50 as of midnight.
You're kidding.
- I've got 97 cents.
- No.
- It's raining like mad out there.
- No.
Would you just give me a break?
I really just wanna go home.
I'm sorry, I can't do that.
I could lose my job.
Who would know, exactly?
I could go to a party, get drunk,
talk to someone. Who knows?
Would you just give me a goddamn token?
No, goddamn it! I cannot give you a token.
Those tokens are $1.50.
I can't sell for 97 cents.
We'd lose money that way.
There's the train! Come on!
Give me a token!
- Can I help you?
- I wanted to take the Express...
Get away from me!
- I'm talking to you.
- I know. I'm sorry.
I've never done that in my life.
I don't know what came over me.
The fares went up and I have 97 cents.
I won't even take the train. I'm sorry.
That's not my train.
That's the one I wanted. Thanks a lot.
Must be a full moon out there.
Can I get you something?
I have 97 cents.
- It's not very much, is it?
- No, it's not.
Do I have to order something?
I mean, can I just sit here for a minute?
- Yes. Sure.
- Thanks.
What'll it be?
I don't want anything.
I just want to sit here.
- Is that okay?
- Sure.
But if you're looking to make friends,
don't get your hopes up.
Looks like a pretty slow night.
It is late.
Not for this place.
Things are usually hopping around now.
That's all right.
I just want to get in out of the rain.
I just hope it lets up soon.
I really just want to go home.
Aren't the subways running?
But I happen to be broke at the moment.
Christ. I'll give you the money.
Really? I can't tell you
how much that would mean to me.
- Christ! Not another one.
- Another what?
The guy lives in the same building as me.
He's been here three times tonight...
to tell me about three separate burglaries
in this neighborhood, all tonight.
- Shit!
- What?
I'm just trying to remember if I turned
my burglar alarm on at home tonight.
Sometimes I forget.
Oh, well, anyway.
It's all right.
That's all right. Forget it. Doesn't matter.
No. I'd like to open the register.
What if I got a rush now?
Yeah, I see your point. What about a key?
Do you have a key for that?
- Yeah. But I keep it up in my apartment.
- Damn. That's too bad.
I can't go anywhere,
but how would you like to do me a favor?
- For subway fare?
- Lf you don't mind.
- You got it.
- I'm at 158 Spring Street, top floor. Wait.
What am I doing?
You don't know me. I don't know you.
I might rip you off, right?
Is that what you're thinking?
I'm not gonna rip you off. I'm not.
With what I've been through tonight...
the last thing I want to do
is steal from somebody.
I really just want to get home.
Look, here.
Here are my keys.
This is my deposit, okay?
If I don't come back, these are yours.
Everything I own is yours.
I just want to get home. Keep them.
Okay. All right. Good. Here.
The keys for the register
are over the light switch, on a hook.
The alarm is underneath the light switch.
Make sure you see a beeping red light.
- Beeping red light. 158 Spring.
- Top floor.
I'll be right back.


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