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obviously wouldn't approach you
in this state...
...were I not so...
I bared my soul to you.
May I?
JUNE: Why are you doing this?
PAUL: What?
You flirt with me...
...you share your cigarette with me...
...you dance with me.
You're nice to me.
Why are you doing this?
I want...
...to live.
- Okay, sorry, folks. Closing up.
- I just...
- Time to go home.
...to live.
Come downstairs with me, Paul.
Come on.
- They got in!
- What is it?
I have to tell you, I'm in big trouble.
Those people up there wanna kill me.
- Is there a way out?
- No!
- Is there a way out?
- No!
- What is this?
- No, don't go in there!
- Oh, what's this?
- No, don't touch that!
No, don't touch that vat!
Oh, God.
- Come with me, Paul.
- What?
Come with me. Come on.
You're closed, you wanna go home.
It's only gonna take a minute.
- I'm telling you no one's in here.
- You cannot reason with this man.
Don't move, I don't wanna
stick you with this stuff. Okay.
I just gotta put this piece here.
Hold up! No! Hold up!
Do you at all sense the pressure here?
This is very good for the pores.
Come on, it's a total search!
All right.
Good. No, no, no.
Now, pick this up.
- Where's this lead to?
No. It's a private apartment.
- Fine. Knock on the door.
- Wait, wait.
I'll knock.
- June. June?
- Yeah, what is it?
BARTENDER: Sorry. Some people
wanna look around your place.
- Something about a robbery.
- I'm working! Can't you see that?
BARTENDER: I'm sorry...
GAIL: Tough titty.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Have you seen this guy?
Doesn't look so hard.
- Is there another way out of here?
- No. That's it.
All right, we're moving out!
Come on.
Look, we're sorry we disturbed you,
lady, but we were sure that...
Okay, let's boot it!
Wasting time here.
It's okay. They're gone.
Great. Great.
Okay, will you let me
out of this thing now?
JUNE: No, you're safe like this.
They could still come back.
PAUL: Look, lady, you've been great.
Terrific. But can you let me out of here...?
JUNE: Listen, you know,
I'm involved in this too now.
I gotta keep working on you.
They could still come back.
Lady, let me out of this thing. Now.
- Do you hear me? Let me out...
- Shh! Shh!
Okay, that's it.
I just wanna go upstairs
and check if they're still there.
Be right back.
Didn't I tell you, man?
Check it out.
- Check it out.
- Man, this is junk.
What are you talking about?
This is antiques, man. This is old.
It's plastic. Let's call it a night, man.
We got enough stuff already.
It's my sculpture!
Hey, man, be careful with it. All right.
Man, is it worth taking this thing?
What, are you crazy, man? This is art.
Art sure is ugly, man.
Yeah, that's how much you know.
The uglier the art, the more it's worth.
NEIL: This must be worth a fortune.
- That's right.
- It's by that famous guy, Segal.
- Yeah?
You see him on the Carson Show.
Plays the banjo all the time.
I never watch Carson.
Yeah, well, that's how much
you know about art.
I don't know, man.
I'd take a stereo any day.
Yeah, what do you know, man?
A stereo's a stereo. Art is forever.
Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
[ENGLISH SDH]- Punch. Punch it in.
- Okay. Right.
Okay. Let's... First of all,
refresh the screen here...
...all right, and go in a format ruler.
- There.
- All right.
- Now, file?
- Right.
- And it's in memory?
- Right.
...mark this down
in the prefix file codes.
- Prefix code. Right.
- Okay.
Good. Yeah, you got it.
Another week, you'll have it down.
It's temporary anyway.
I said, it's temporary anyway.
I do not intend to be stuck doing this
for the rest of my life.
- Don't tell Mr. Digman I said that.
- Okay.
Because what I really wanna do is,
I'd really like to get into publishing.
После работы После работы

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