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I knew there was something special
about you.
I hope you don't have to get up early
tomorrow or anything.
No. No, I don't.
Because I think you're somebody
I can really talk to.
And tonight I feel like...
I feel like I'm gonna let loose
or something.
I feel like...
I feel like something incredible
is really gonna happen here.
I feel so excited
and I don't know why.
I feel it.
I'm glad you came.
Me too.
If you wanna smoke a joint,
there's some in there, feel free.
No. Maybe later.
- Hello?
- Is Marcy there?
She can't come to the phone right now.
May I take a message?
- Could you just tell her Greg called?
- Sure.
Is she back?
- That felt good.
- Yeah.
- You want me to close the window?
- No, I got it.
Boy! Whoever used to live here
must have been a bodybuilder.
Who's Franklin?
The buzzer, when I came over...
Hey, I thought I told you
to stay on the bed.
I'm gonna ask you to wait here
just one more minute. I promise.
- All right.
- You're the best.
- What, Paul?
- What?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
You didn't just say something
just now?
No, I didn't say anything.
I could have sworn I thought
I heard you say something in here.
...I didn't.
I don't think I'll be able
to sleep at all tonight.
What's that smell? Is that linseed?
- It's skin moisturizer. I have dry skin.
- Really?
Feels pretty soft to me.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
I think you're very nice, I do.
Could we just talk a little while?
Of course. Sure.
Greg called.
How did that little faggot find out
I was staying here tonight?
Probably wants to whine to me
about his latest boyfriend.
Friends like that
are hard to deal with sometimes.
Well, that's what friends are for.
- I know that, but I meant...
- I just can't deal with it tonight.
Does he want me to call him back?
He didn't say.
Since you answered the phone...
...he probably figured I was...
I'm scared.
Why don't you just tell me
what's wrong.
I was raped once.
As a matter of fact,
it happened right here in this room.
I lived here once.
He came in through there,
off the fire escape.
He held a knife to my throat
and said...
...if I made any noise
he'd cut my tongue out.
He tied me to the bed.
He took his time. Six hours.
My God.
Was he...
Did they get this guy?
Actually, it was a boyfriend of mine.
To tell you the truth,
I slept through most of it.
So there you are.
You wanna get some coffee?
I feel like getting out of here.
Say, is there a place open this late?
Sure, it's not even 2 yet.
Can I ask you something?
I've wanted to ask you this all night.
- Who's Franklin?
- Franklin?
Franklin is my husband.
Is that his loft, then?
He owns it, yes.
- Do you live with him?
- No. He's in Turkey.
I stayed with my husband for three days.
I was very young when I got married.
My husband was a movie freak.
Actually, he was particularly obsessed
with one movie:
The Wizard of Oz.
He talked about it constantly.
I thought it was cute at first.
On our wedding night, I was a virgin.
When we made love...
You've seen the film, haven't you?
The Wizard of Oz? Yeah, I've seen it.
Well, when we made love...
...whenever he...
...you know, when he came...
...he would just...
...scream out "Surrender Dorothy!"
That's all. Just "Surrender Dorothy!"
I know. Instead of moaning or saying
"Oh, God" or something normal like that.
I mean, it was pretty creepy.
And I told him I thought so...
...but he just couldn't stop.
He just couldn't stop.
He said he didn't even realize
it was happening.
He just couldn't stop.
So I just broke the whole thing off.
I'm sorry.
I guess I'm really putting you
through the mill tonight.
It's okay. I'm used to it.
You know, I still love him very much.
In fact, we write each other
every day.
Naturally, I don't like to talk about it.
- Could we have the
После работы После работы

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