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- I think you'll be working with plants...
...for a while. In the open,
where you can touch the ground.
- I wanna be with something living.
- The ground is living.
The earth is still alive.
Do you have
any agricultural background?
I worked in an office.
Well, you'll be outside from now on.
Your name is Bruce.
My name is Bruce.
We're gonna try you on farming
for a period, Bruce.
- Okay.
- Staff thought you'd be better off.
I think you'll like it here.
I think I'll like it here.
Come on, I'll show you
where you're gonna be sleeping.
You like mountains, Bruce?
Look up.
No snow, but mountains.
I like mountains.
The air is good here.
I like air.
We all like air, Bruce. We really do.
That we have in common.
Yours is 4G. Can you remember that?
Will I be seeing my friends?
What, you mean
from back where you were?
The Santa Ana facility?
Mike and Laura...
...and Mike and Eddie. And...
The people from
the residence facilities...
...they don't come out
to the farms, Bruce.
- See, these are closed operations.
- Closed operations.
But, you know,
you might get back up there...
...couple times a year.
You know,
there are gatherings at Christmas...
...and the next one is Thanksgiving.
So you might see them in three months.
Hey, Audrey.
Glad you could meet.
So tell me, are they
getting paranoid about him?
No, not at all. The guy's so burnt-out.
And we're still convinced
they're growing the stuff?
They have to be. Who else?
I just wonder
if it even matters at this...
It matters, Audrey.
It matters when we can prove
that New Path is the one growing...
...manufacturing and distributing.
How does he look?
I mean, do you think he's gonna
be able to pull through for us?
All we can do is hope
that when he finally gets in there...
...a few charred brain cells will flicker on
and some distant instinct will kick in.
It's just...
- It's just such a cost to pay.
- Yeah.
But there's no other way to get in there.
I couldn't, and think how long I tried.
They got that place locked up tight.
They're only gonna let a burnt-out husk
like Bruce in.
Harmless. You have to be,
or they won't take the risk.
Yeah, but to sacrifice someone...
...a living person,
without them ever knowing it.
I mean, if he'd understood,
if he had volunteered...
...but he doesn't know and he never did.
He didn't volunteer for this.
Sure he did. It was his job.
It wasn't his job to get addicted.
We took care of that.
Look, Mike, I gotta get out.
I can't do this again.
I want it to end. I...
I lay in bed at night, and I can't sleep,
and I just think:
- "Shit, we are colder than they are."
- I don't think so.
I mean, I believe God's m.o.
is to transmute evil into good...
...and if he's active here,
he's doing that now...
...although our eyes can't perceive it.
The whole process is hidden
beneath the surface of our reality...
...will only be revealed later.
And even then...
...the people of the future...
...our children's children
will never truly know...
...this awful time that we have
gone through and the losses we took.
Well, maybe some footnote
in a minor history book.
A brief mention
with no list of the fallen.
You're seeing the flower of the future.
- But not for you, Bruce.
- Not for me.
No, you've had too much
of a good thing already.
Get up, get up. Stop worshipping.
This isn't your god anymore,
although it once was.
Flowers gone.
No, you just can't see them.
Back to work.
I saw.
Back to work, Bruce.
I saw death rising from the earth...
...from the ground itself...
...in one blue field.
A present for my friends...
...at Thanksgiving.I looked them up.
They're aphids.
They're in my hair, on my skin,
in my lungs.
And the pain, Barris, it's unreasonable.
They're all over the place.
- They've completely gotten Millie too.
- Okay, okay, wait, wait, wait.
Listen, you gotta get out of there.
I'll meet
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