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care of that.
Look, Mike, I gotta get out.
I can't do this again.
I want it to end. I...
I lay in bed at night, and I can't sleep,
and I just think:
- "Shit, we are colder than they are."
- I don't think so.
I mean, I believe God's m.o.
is to transmute evil into good...
...and if he's active here,
he's doing that now...
...although our eyes can't perceive it.
The whole process is hidden
beneath the surface of our reality...
...will only be revealed later.
And even then...
...the people of the future...
...our children's children
will never truly know...
...this awful time that we have
gone through and the losses we took.
Well, maybe some footnote
in a minor history book.
A brief mention
with no list of the fallen.
You're seeing the flower of the future.
- But not for you, Bruce.
- Not for me.
No, you've had too much
of a good thing already.
Get up, get up. Stop worshiping.
This isn't your god anymore,
although it once was.
Flowers gone.
No, you just can't see them.
Back to work.
I saw.
Back to work, Bruce.
I saw death rising from the earth...
...from the ground itself...
...in one blue field.
A present for my friends...
...at Thanksgiving.
Subtitles by
SDI Media Group
[ENGLISH SDH]I looked them up.
They're aphids.
They're in my hair, on my skin,
in my lungs.
And the pain, Barris, it's unreasonable.
They're all over the place.
- They've completely gotten Millie too.
- Okay, okay, wait, wait, wait.
Listen, you gotta get out of there.
I'll meet you over at Joe's Cafe at 3.
Calm down, everything's gonna be fine.
Put a couple of them in a jar
so I can get them examined.
I'm sure they're aphids,
but you never know.
Just in case, okay? Just do it.
Relax, relax.
Gentlemen of the Anaheim 709th chapter
of the Brown Bear Lodge...
...we have a wonderful opportunity
this afternoon.
The county of Orange has provided us
with a chance...
...to hear from and put questions to...
...an undercover narcotics agent
who is out there on our behalf...
...fighting this awful
Substance D epidemic.
It's no secret we're living
in a culture of addiction.
Nearly 20 percent of the population
can now be classified as addicts.
And as far as anyone can tell,
there is but one company...
...that is working and helping
this situation.
That company is our sponsor, New Path.
You will notice
you can barely see this man...
...because he is wearing
what is called a "scramble suit."
The exact same suit he wears
and, in fact, must wear...
...during certain parts,
in fact, most parts...
...of his daily activities
of law enforcement.
This man, whom we will call Fred
because that is the code name...
...under which he reports
information he gathers...
...once within the scramble suit,
cannot be detected...
...by even the latest in
voice- and facial-recognition technology.
The scramble suit itself
is purportedly made up...
...of approximately a million and a half
...of men, women, and children
in every variant...
...making the wearer of a scramble suit
the ultimate Everyman.
This is terrible.
He looks, does he not,
like a constantly shifting, vague blur...
...and nothing more, am I right?
Let's hear it for the vague blur.
If you saw me on the street
without this suit on, you'd say:
"There goes a total dope fiend."
You'd feel aversion and walk away.
I don't look like you. I can't afford to.
My life depends on it.
I'm not going to tell you first
what I do as an undercover officer...
...tracking down dealers and the source
of their illegal drugs...
...in the streets of our cities
and corridors of our schools...
...here in Orange County.
I'm going to tell you what I'm afraid of.
What I fear, night and day,
is that our children...
...your children and my children...
I have two little ones, very little...
...but not too little to be addicted.
Calculatedly addicted to Substance D
for profit by drug
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