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actively engaged in countries...
...where it is believed
the organic component of Substance D...
...a small, highly toxic flower,
And while our troops are down there
fighting for us...
...it is up to each and every
one of us here...
...to do our part in eliminating
the demand for this drug.
It's important you as citizens
continue to report...
...all suspicious activity
and individuals...
...for, simply put, if there were
no demand in our society...
...there would be no market
for these leeches to exploit.
Each day,
this disease takes its toll on us.
And each day, the flow of profits
and where they go...
Well, it isn't about the profits anyhow,
it's something else.
Uh... What'd you see happen?
If you were a diabetic
and you didn't have money for insulin...
...would you steal to get the money
or just die?
You better go back to the...
...you know, prepared text there, Fred.
I forgot it.
I think I have a block against this shit.
Repeat after me,
but make it sound casual.
"Where the profits flow,
we will s...
and then
retribution will swiftly follow.
At that moment, I would not
want to be in their shoes." Got it?
You know why I've got a block
against this bullshit?
Because this is what gets people
on drugs.
It's all so disgusting you want to
lurch off and become a user.
Come on, Fred, just say this shit
and get it over with.
Substance D.
D is for dumbness and despair
and desertion.
The desertion of your friends from you,
you from your friends.
Everyone from everyone.
Isolation and loneliness...
...and hating
and suspecting each other.
D is, finally, death.
Slow death.
From the head down.
...that's it.
Okay, let's eat.
All right, what's your name?
My name...
You don't know your name?
Well, that's interesting.
Probable cause. Out of the car, sir.
Now, you have the right
to remain silent until...
And... And anything you say can and
will be used against you when you...
When what?
You know, fuck this shit.
- Hello?
- Hey, how you doing?
Oh, I'm all right.
Anything wrong?
Just this fucker stole 50 bucks' worth
of shit from us today.
My boss said it was somehow my fault,
and it's coming out of my paycheck...
...which I don't even think is legal.
I mean, can he legally do that?
Yeah, they can't do that.
At least, they used to not
be able to do that. I'll check.
Hey, Donna,
can I get anything from you?
Yeah, how much?
- Ten.
- Ten?
Yeah, I'm hurting really bad.
I'll pay you back later.
Yeah, okay. Say, day after tomorrow?
Any sooner?
I'll come by later, like around 8?
Yeah. I'll see you later.
- Okay. All right, bye.
- Okay, bye.
You see, all symptoms are
purposeful, be they positive or negative.
You see?
I wouldn't feel strangely about it.
Just the idea of turning yourself
over for rehabilitation...
...is only naturally gonna make you
a little apprehensive.
But that's just a manifestation
of the fear.
It's just the:
That's the D talking.
You know, the first thing I hear,
that when you go into the New Path...
...what they do to you,
they cut your pecker off.
They could never get away with that.
You kidding? That's a myth.
It's actually the spleen
that's remanded to their custody.
- The what?
- Hey, how is everything?
Everything is super good.
Not with me.
I got a lot of problems nobody else has.
No, no, come on.
More people than you'd think.
And more people each day. This is
a world getting progressively worse.
Can we not agree on that?
- What's on the dessert menu?
- Would you like to order some dessert?
Like what?
Well, we have fresh strawberry pie...
...and fresh peach pie
that we make here ourselves.
- No, we don't want any dessert.
- All right.
Fucking fruit pies are for old ladies.
- What do you
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