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the guinea-pig grapevine
suggests that whatever it is...
...we won't know
until it's way too late, you see?
You see that we're all canaries
in the coalmine on this one?
I do think I have another source.
That Donna chick.
-Bob's girl?
Yeah, his girl. Although I know
for a fact he never gets in her pants.
-But he talks like he does.
-Oh, yeah.
That's Bob Arctor.
He talks like he does many things.
That's not the same, my friend.
That's not the same thing.
Donna has an aversion to bodily contact.
I mean, junkies lose their interest in sex,
you realize...
...due to organs swelling up
from vasoconstriction.
And I have observed in her
an inordinate failure of sexual arousal...
...not just toward Bob Arctor...
...but other males as well.
I can't believe she doesn't put out.
Well, she would
if she were handled right.
For instance, I could show you
how to sleep with her...
...for less than 3 dollars.
I don't wanna sleep with her.
I wanna buy from her.
Donna does coke, all right?
Three dollars doesn't get you
a line of coke.
That's where you're wrong, pal.
What they've deliberately done...
...is mix the cocaine with the oil
so it cannot be extracted.
But my knowledge of chemistry
is such...
...that I know precisely how to
separate the oil from the cocaine.
Now, now I will freeze it.
Cause cocaine crystals to rise to the top
because they are lighter than the oil.
The terminal step, of course,
I keep to myself, but suffice to say...
...it involves an intricate and
methodological process of filtering.
How long is it gonna be in there?
Just about a half an hour.
You know, I've been thinking, Barris.
Even if we do get a pure gram of cocaine
out of this deal...
...I don't wanna use it on Donna
to get in her pants.
-That'd be like buying her.
-No, it'd be an exchange.
You give her a gift,
and she gives you one.
Besides, we're talking about
Bob's girl here.
And this is his house. He's my friend.
He lets you and Luckman live here.
There's a great deal about Bob Arctor
you're not aware of.
How did New Path rig it?
They're the one place in our entire
country that can't be scanned.
All the rest of us can be tracked
24 hours a day...
...but no, not at New Path.
Hey, that's their contract
with the government.
But I think you're right, it would be
a good place for a dealer to hide.
What about Donna Hawthorne?
I'm systematically working up
to her supplier.
The quantities I'm buying now
are basically beyond her capacity.
She doesn't have
enough front money to handle it.
Matter of time before she's hooking me
up with the next person up the ladder.
I think soon we'll have somebody
who knows something...
...and they'll be worth busting.
What about Jim Barris
and Ernie Luckman?
Same shit. Nothing new.
Well, what about Charles Freck
and Robert Arctor?
-Up to pretty much the same old thing.
-Even Arctor?
Yeah, he doesn't seem
to be doing much.
Still working his nowhere,
Handy Brake and Tire job.
Drops a few caps of Death
cut with meth during the day.
I'm not so sure.
We just got a tip in from an informant...
...that Arctor has funds
above and beyond...
...what he gets from his little job.
And when we checked into it...
...we found he wasn't even
working there full-time.
Who's this informant?
We don't know.
Undoubtedly it's a vengeance burn.
That's how these druggies are.
I mean, phoning in on each other
every time they get pissed off.
Anyhow, as of now...
...I'm officially assigning you
to observe Arctor.
lf we're ever gonna get to the bottom
of this, it'll be through this guy.
So will that mean
full-time viewer recording?
We got no choice.
We'll install a new
holographic scanning system.
You'll let us know
when they're out of the house.
We'll want storage and printout
on everything.
Total, total, total, totally,
total, total, total providence.
I am walking home,
I find myself on a street I am
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