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“An officer who willingly becomes an
addict and doesn't report it promptly...
...is subject to a misdemeanor charge...
...a fine, and/or six months. “
You'll probably just be fined.
No one held a gun to your head
and shot you up.
No one dropped something in your soup.
You knowingly and willingly
took an addictive drug...
...brain-destructive and disorienting.
I had to.
You could have pretended to.
Most officers manage to cope with it.
And from the quantities
you were taking... .
My God, Fred, I... .
Hey, you know what I would do
if I were you?
Once you get out of New Path and,
you know, it's all over--
But it may never be over.
I'm getting off that too. Everything.
Including chocolate. Yeah.
And... .
Like I tell my kids... .
I've got two kids. Two girls.
Little ones.
I don't believe you do.
You're not supposed to.
Maybe not.
Listen, is there anywhere specific
you'd like to go?
Maybe over to
Donna Hawthorne's place?
From the information you brought in,
sounds like you guys are pretty close.
Yes, we are.
How'd you know that?
Process of elimination.
I know who you aren't...
...and we're talking about
a very small group of people...
...that we hoped would lead us higher.
And maybe Barris will.
I pieced it together a long time ago
that you're Arctor.
I'm who?
I'm Bob Arctor?
Yeah, get me
Donna Hawthorne's number...
...or just patch me through
when you locate her.
Bud, you are in a very bad way,
my friend.
Maybe Jim Barris poisoned you.
We're really interested in Barris,
not you.
The whole scanning of the house
was to keep an eye on him.
We hoped to draw him here, and we did.
He is deep into it
with some very dangerous people.
Then I'm a what?
Well, we had to get to Barris
to set him up.
So how we arranged it was...
...he grew progressively
more and more suspicious...
...that you were an undercover cop...
...trying to nail him
or use him to get high or--
So he did what you or anyone
would have done.
Hey, Donna.
Yeah, hi, this is a buddy of Bob's.
Listen, he's in a-- He's in a bad way.
Yeah, way bad.
I was wondering if I could
ask a favor of you.
You're a sweetheart.
Yeah, I'm sure he'll
appreciate it very much.
Great, thanks. Good news.
Donna Hawthorne said she'd pick you up
out front in about five minutes.
You fuckers.
You're a good man, Bob.
You've been dealt a bad deal.
This is not fair, but it has to be this way.
You just--
You gotta-- You gotta just wait it out,
just get through it.
And someday...
...a long time from now...
...you'll see the way you saw before.
There'll be a recognition...
...and some spark in a disguised form...
...will reveal itself to you...
...and guide you.
-Substance D?
Ate his head.
Another loser.
It's easy to win.
Anybody can win.
Living and unliving things
are exchanging properties.
The drive of unliving things is stronger
than the drive of living things.
The living should never be used
to serve the purposes of the dead.
But the dead should, if possible...
...serve the purposes of the living.
Hey, good news.
I think I got you transferred
to one of our farms.
-Can I work with animals?
-I think you'll be working with plants...
...for a while. In the open,
where you can touch the ground.
-I wanna be with something living.
-The ground is living.
The earth is still alive.
Do you have
any agricultural background?
I worked in an office.
Well, you'll be outside from now on.
Your name is Bruce.
My name is Bruce.
We're gonna try you on farming
for a period, Bruce.
-Staff thought you'd be better off.
I think you'll like it here.
I think I'll like it here.
Come on, I'll show you
where you're gonna be sleeping.
You like mountains, Bruce?
Look up.
No snow, but mountains.
I like mountains.
The air is good here.
I like air.
We all like air, Bruce. We really do.
That we have in common.
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