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Because if the scanner sees only darkly,
the way I do...
... then I'm cursed and cursed again.
And we'll only wind up dead this way...
...knowing very little and getting
that little fragment wrong too.
You show what we regard...
...more as competition phenomenon
than impairment.
Competition between the left and
the right hemispheres of your brain.
It's like you have two signals
that interfere with each other...
...by carrying conflicting information.
It's as if you have two fuel gauges
on your car.
They're studying
the same amount of fuel...
...but one says your tank is full,
the other registers empty.
They can't both be right.
And you as the driver have only
an indirect relationship to the fuel tank...
...via the gauges.
So, what does all this mean?
Well, I'm sure you know already.
You've been experiencing it
without knowing why or what it is.
Two hemispheres of my brain...
...are competing?
But why?
Substance D.
It often causes that, functionally,
and this is what the tests confirm.
Damage has taken place to the
normally dominant left hemisphere...
...and the right hemisphere
is attempting to compensate.
Crosscutting, we call it...
...related to split-brain phenomenon.
We could perform
a right hemispherectomy...
...but I'd--
Will this ever go away?
Probably. It's a functional impairment.
It may be organic damage.
It may be permanent.
Time will tell, and only after you've
been off Substance D for a long while.
I'll never take Substance D again
for the rest of my life.
How much are you taking now?
Not much.
More, recently, because of job stress.
Death is swallowed up in victory.
Behold, I tell you the sacred secret now:
You shall not all sleep in death.
We'll do the other half
of Southern California tomorrow night.
The Air Force arsenal at Vandenberg
will be hit for automatic weapons--
What about that anthrax
Anwar ripped off for us?
When do we--? Aren't we supposed to
carry the stuff to the watershed area--?
We need the weapons first.
Drugs in the water supply is step B.
Okay, but I gotta go. I got a customer.
I can also identify
the aforementioned terrorist cell.
It's indicated throughout the course
of my observations.
Do you have any more material of this
sort, or is this tape substantially it?
No, I have a veritable cornucopia...
...and much of it is directly referencing
the organization and its directives.
Who are these people?
What organization?
It is primarily Arctor and Hawthorne.
I have coded notes here, which may be
of some interest to you.
I-- My own cryptology
is very difficult to--
As of now I'm impounding all of this.
It is our property temporarily,
and we will sort through it ourselves.
You will be on hand
to explain anything to us...
...if and when we get to the point where
we feel we need anything explained.
Mr. Barris, you will not be released
pending our study of this material.
You will be charged, as a formality,
to keep you available...
...with knowingly giving the authorities
false information.
This, of course, is just a pretext
for your own safety.
I always wanted to go
to the Galapagos--
-Is that satisfactory, Mr. Barris?
-Not entirely.
Though I wonder,
when I'm locked down...
...may I be provided with some lotion,
and perhaps some...?
So, what do you think
of Barris' evidence?
Seems like what he played--
The little we heard anyway.
--sounded pretty genuine to me.
It's fake. Worthless.
Made on a home computer.
Maybe you're right.
Is that my medical report
you have there?
What does it say?
That you're completely bonkers.
There's maybe two brain cells
that still light up.
Rest is just...
...short circuits and sparks.
Listen, when you go to pick up
your next paycheck...
...there will be a substantial difference
this time.
I get some sort of
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