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that much.
And I don't shoot up.
I never have and I never will. I--
Once you start shooting,
you got like six months, maybe.
And even tap water.
You get a habit.
You have a habit.
We all do.
I mean, so what? What's the difference?
I'm happy.
-Aren't you happy?
-Listen to me.
I think it's starting to get bad.
You know what
I wanna do someday, Bob?
I wanna move north, live on a farm...
...near the mountains, in a cabin.
Can I go with you?
I hope so.
I hope so.
All right. You weren't kidding.
Do you have a toothbrush?
Well, screw it. Screw it.
Teeth are teeth.
I'll-- I'll brush them.
Know where the bathroom is?
What bathroom?
In the house.
Who are those guys out there?
Rolling joints and rattling on and on?
They live here with you?
Two of them do.
So you're gay?
Try not to be.
That's why I called you tonight.
So you're putting up
a pretty good battle against it.
You better believe it.
Guess I'm about to find out.
lf you're a latent gay, then
you'll want me to take the initiative.
You want me to undress you?
Oh, Jesus, fuck.
Fred, we've processed
some more recent material on you.
How are you feeling?
Any problems?
Well, I had a fight with my girl.
Any confusion?
Are you experiencing any difficulty
identifying persons or objects?
Any language disorientation?
Can you come back over to room 203?
What did you find to be a problem?
We'll take that up when you get here.
All right, Fred. Very good.
And this next test,
with your eyes covered...
...reach out and feel an object
with each hand.
You are to tell us if the object
presented to your left hand...
...is identical to the object
presented to your right.
One more thing, Fred.
We need an updated blood test.
So go down the hall to the
pathology lab, and they'll fix you up.
And by the time you get back, we should
almost be through with our evaluation.
I'll be upstairs with Hank.
You certainly seem
much more depressed today...
...than you did when we first saw you.
Last week, when we first saw you,
you were kidding and laughing.
Did you ever get her the flowers?
Crazy job they gave me.
But if I wasn't doing it,
someone else would be.
And they might get it wrong.
They might set Arctor up,
plant drugs on him and collect a reward.
Better it be me,
despite the disadvantages.
Just protecting everyone from Barris
is justification in itself.
What the hell am I talking about?
I must be nuts.
I know Bob Arctor. He's a good person.
He's up to nothing.
At least, nothing too bad.
In fact, he works for the Orange County
Sheriff's Office covertly...
... which is probably why
Barris is after him.
But that wouldn't explain...
... why the Orange County
Sheriff's Office is after him.
Something big is definitely
going down in this house.
This rundown, rubble-filled house...
... with its weed-patch yard...
...and cat box that never gets emptied.
What a waste of a truly good house.
So much could be done with it.
A family and children could live here.
It was designed for that.
Such a waste.
They ought to confiscate it
and put it to better use.
I'm supposed to act like they aren't here.
Assuming there's a “they” at all.
It may just be my imagination.
Whatever it is that's watching...
...it's not human...
...unlike little dark-eyed Donna.
It doesn't ever blink.
What does a scanner see?
Into the head?
Down into the heart?
Does it see into me, into us?
Clearly or darkly?
I hope it sees clearly, because
I can 't any longer see into myself.
I see only murk.
I hope for everyone's sake
the scanners do better.
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