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very much against this country.
An enemy of the U.S.
Can you give us any specific names of
anyone else in this organization...
...persons Arctor meets with?
Yes. Miss Donna Hawthorne.
On a variety of pretexts, he will
go over to her place of residence...
...and colludes with her regularly,
I've noticed.
-What do you mean?
Well, I've followed him in my own car
without his knowledge.
-He goes there often.
-Yes, as often as--
-She is his girl.
-Mr. Arctor also seemingly--
-Hold up, hold up.
You think there's anything to this, Fred?
I think we should definitely
look at his evidence.
All right. Bring in your evidence.
All of it. We want names most of all.
Now, have you seen
Mr. Arctor involved...
...in any large quantities of drugs?
To be certain.
And I have carefully taken samples--
Again, without his knowledge.
--when the opportunity presented itself,
strictly for you to analyze.
-I can bring those in as well.
Is there anything else
you wish to state at this time?
There is. Mr. Arctor is an addict.
He is addicted to Substance D.
And I fear that his mind has become
deranged over time...
...and he is now officially
to be considered dangerous.
-Yes. He is having episodes...
...that would occur with
brain damage from Substance D.
I'm quite certain, also, that the optic
chiasm has deteriorated somewhat...
...due to a weak ipsilateral component.
This sort of unsupported speculation,
as I've already warned you, Mr. Barris...
...is completely worthless.
Now, we'll be sending an officer
with you to gather your evidence.
-All right?
-May I--?
An officer out of uniform, of course.
No, see, I could be murdered.
As I've already said,
Mr. Arctor has this cache of weapons.
Mr. Barris, we appreciate this
and the extreme risk you are taking.
And if it works out, and your information
is valuable in obtaining a conviction...
-...then naturally--
-But that is not the reason I'm here.
You see, this man is--
He just has a soul sickness.
His brain is damaged from the use of
this toxic and most terrible substance.
Nonetheless, the reason I am here is
I feel that I may have certain qualities...
...that would qualify me
to perhaps come over to your side.
To surrender and come to
the side of law enforcement.
-I would like an employment application.
-We don't care why you're here.
We only care whether your evidence and
material amount to anything.
The rest is your problem.
Perhaps at the desk
I can get an employment... .
You are about to witness...
...for approximately 61 cents of
ordinary household materials...
...the perfect homemade silencer.
Barris, the neighbors are gonna hear.
No, they only call in murders
in this neighborhood.
Plus, Freckledeck, it's a silencer.
They're not gonna hear anything.
Well, I'm pretty fucking sure
they're illegal.
In this day and age, the type of society
we find ourselves living in...
...every person of worth...
...needs to have a gun at all times,
to protect themselves.
And we're off.
That sure is some silencer.
Yes. What it did was augment
the sound, rather than dampen it.
But I almost have it.
I believe I have it in principle, anyway.
Oh, well, the good news is,
regardless of what you do next time...
...it'll be a silencer to us,
because we're now deaf!
What happened?
How'd I get here?
Okay, it's your move now.
Anyone want some popcorn?
The pain...
...so unexpected and undeserved...
...had, for some reason,
cleared away the cobwebs.
I realized I didn't hate the cabinet door.
I hated my life, my house, my family...
-Are you okay, Daddy?
-What happened?
...my backyard...
...my power mower.
Nothing would ever change.
Nothing new could ever be expected.
It had to end, and it did.
Now in the dark world where I dwell...
...ugly things
Помутнение Помутнение

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