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physical discomfort involved.
lf this is about the speech I gave to the--
What this is about stems from
a recent departmental survey...
...showing that undercover agents
have been admitted...
...to neural-aphasia clinics
during the last month.
You're conscious of the high factor
of addictiveness of Substance D?
Of course I am.
Of course,
these tests in no way pertain...
...to the addictive properties
of Substance D, but to... .
Well, let's start
with the set-ground test first.
Within the apparently meaningless lines
is an object that we would all recognize.
You are to tell me what that object is
and point to it in the total field.
In many of those taking Substance D...
...a split between the right and the left
hemisphere of the brain occurs...
...which results in a defect within both
the percept and cognitive systems.
Although apparently the cognitive
continues to function normally.
You located the familiar object
in this drawing?
It should just jump right out at you.
I see a Coke bottle.
A soda-pop bottle is correct.
Was it in the speech I gave?
Maybe it seemed I showed
a little bilateral dysfunction there.
I mean, might have seemed
a little slushed.
Are you getting any cross-chatter?
-Cross-chatter between hemispheres.
lf there's damage to
the left hemisphere...
...where the linguistic skills
are located...
...then sometimes the right hemisphere
will fill in to the best of its ability.
I don't know.
I mean, not that I'm aware of.
What do you see in this second picture?
A sheep.
Show me the sheep.
An impairment of set-background
...can get you into a heap of trouble.
Instead of perceiving no forms,
you perceive faulty forms.
So there is no sheep here, is there?
Was I close?
This is not a Rorschach test,
where some abstract blot...
...can be interpreted many ways
by many subjects.
This has one specific object.
In this case, a dog.
A dog.
What's that mean,
that I saw a sheep instead?
Who knows.
Only after the entire set has been run...
-...can we determine--
-Why this is superior to the Rorschach...
...is it's not interpretive.
There are many wrongs,
but there is only one right.
You either get it or you don't.
And if you show a run of not getting it...
...then we have a fix on
a functional impairment...
...and we dry you out for a while,
until you test better later on.
At New Path?
Now, what do you see in this drawing...
...among these particular
black-and-white lines?
Plastic dog shit.
The little kind you can buy
and put in someone's bed.
Can I go now?
You know, Fred, if you keep
your sense of humor like you do...
...you just might make it after all.
Make it. Make what?
The team? The girl?
Make good? Make do?
Make out? Make sense?
Make money? Make time?
Define your terms.
The Latin for “make” is facere...
...which always reminds me of fuckere...
...which is Latin for “to fuck. “
And I haven't been getting shit
in that department lately.
lf you guys are psychologist-types...
...and you've been monitoring my
endless debriefings with Hank, tell me:
What the hell is Donna's deal?
What do I do? I mean...
...how do you make it with that kind of
sweet, unique, stubborn little chick?
You could buy her flowers.
This time of year, you can get
little blue flowers at any nursery.
Give them to her.
Hey, Fred, glad you could make it.
This is the informant who phoned in
about Bob Arctor, and I mentioned him.
-Anyway, he phoned in again...
...and we challenged him to step forth
and identify himself.
Do you know this man?
Sure do.
You're James Barris, aren't you?
So, Mr. Barris, what's your information?
I have evidence that Mr. Arctor is part of
a covert terrorist drug organization.
They are well-funded and they have
arsenals of weapons at their disposal.
And what is this organization?
I believe it to be political in nature
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