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Who's this informant?
We don't know.
Undoubtedly it's a vengeance burn.
That's how these druggies are.
I mean, phoning in on each other
every time they get pissed off.
Anyhow, as of now...
...I'm officially assigning you
to observe Arctor.
lf we're ever gonna get to the bottom
of this, it'll be through this guy.
So will that mean
full-time viewer recording?
We got no choice.
We'll install a new
holographic scanning system.
You'll let us know
when they're out of the house.
We'll want storage and printout
on everything.
Total, total, total, totally,
total, total, total providence.
I am walking home,
I find myself on a street I am rarely on...
...and look what I obtain for a mere $50.
-What is it?
-Oh, this would be an 18-speed bike...
...of the all-terrain variety.
I noticed it in a neighbor's yard,
and I inquired as to its availability.
They had four of them.
So I made a cash offer.
-Don't. Drugs.
-Fifty dollars. They acquiesced.
They threw in these
lemon-yellow racing pants.
Even hoisted it over the fence for me,
which I found to be very neighborly.
That's weird. I didn't know you could
get a 18-speed bike nearly new for $50.
It's amazing what you can get for $50.
I'll give you 60 right now,
no questions asked.
You know,
this bike looks a lot like the bike...
...that this girl lives across the street
had that got ripped off a month ago.
This bike could be hot.
They probably jacked it,
these hoister friends of yours.
Sure did, if they've got four
and selling it that cheap.
Right? You should at least show it to her
so she could see if it's hers.
Yeah. Okay, I can do that...
...but this is a boy's bike, okay?
So it can't be.
Not to invalidate your intuition,
but it's not possible. Thank you.
Why do you say it's an 18-speed
when it only has nine gears?
Huh, what?
Yeah. Yeah. Six right here,
three at the other end of the chain.
Six plus three equals nine.
-It's a nine-speed bike.
-Yeah, but even a nine-speed bike...
...for 50 bucks. He still got a good deal.
Okay, those guys told me
it was 18 speeds.
I just got Greeked. I just got... .
Wait. Wait.
Now I count eight.
Six here and then two in the front.
-That makes eight.
-What do you think happened...
-...to the missing gears?
-Think? I know.
They were working
on it, these gypsy grifters...
...with improper tools,
no technical knowledge.
No understanding of reverse engineering.
When they attempted to reassemble it,
they panicked.
They left nine orphan gears there
on the floor.
They're still there
on the garage floor.
Let's just go rescue
the orphan gears, dude!
Don't you see
that that's part of the plan?
They're going to try to sell them to me,
not give them...
...as they rightfully should have as
included in part of the original sale price.
Oh, my God, there's no telling
what else they've bait-and-switched.
Yeah, but if all of us go together,
oh, they'll give them back.
Oh, you bet they will.
Oh, you bet they will.
-Let's just go as a team, okay.
-Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Are you sure there are only nine gears
on this bike?
-Okay, eight, nine, whatever.
Don't you think that before we go over
and accuse, and start some shit...
...we should find out for sure?
Right, Donna.
Who do we know who's an authority...
...on this type of bi--?
Get off me!
Let me--
We are all way too close to this.
There's only one thing we can do...
...to thwart these albino,
shape-shifting lizard bitches.
We are gonna take this outside,
ask the first person we see.
Introduce some novelty.
That way we get an objective viewpoint.
By the way, I might take you up
on that $60 offer.
No, that was for an 18-speed.
You know, for this, 18 minus 10,
I'll give you 23.75.
Are you certain
that's the right math on that?
Come in.
You are Officer Fred?
-Have a seat, please.
All right, Fred.
We're going to administer
several tests...
...and there will be no
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