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Полуночный ковбой

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primed up,
like I was turnin' on the charm...
for some pretty little
blonde lady, you know?
Then when I'm feelin'
cool and good...
I spin around!
And there you are,
you handsome devil you.
Not bad.
Not bad.
For a cowboy.
You're okay.
You're okay.
The lady will
meet you in the lobby.
Yes, sir. Oh, I think you got
somethin' on your shoulder there.
There, you got it.
Go ahead. Go ahead.
Say, you haven't got
a quarter, have you?
Just a quarter?
- How do you like that cheap bastard?
- Let's see what the hell you got here.
I think we struck gold.
This is one high-class chick.
'Barclay Hotel For Women.
Is this the
Gentleman's Escort Service?
I'm calling for Miss Beecham...
at the Barclay Hotel.
Right. She changed her mind.
She won't need nobody tonight.
That's right.
Thank you very much. Bye.
Would you believe a whole goddamn hotel
with nothin' but lonely ladies?
Score once
in a setup like that...
and the way they talk,
I could open up an office in there.
Come on.
Go ahead.
Get the money.
Listen, get the cash.
Remember that lady in the penthouse.
Get the cash.
Those rich ladies write out a check,
and then call the bank and stop payment.
- Go ahead. Watch the car!
- [ Honking ]
Go on.
Hey, Rico!
Rico, up here!
Up here!
- And the next one is...
- Oh!
O-62, ladies and gentlemen.
Are there any bingos?
- And the next one is B-13.
- How dare you, in this public place!
[ Joe ] Wait a second, lady!
Goddammit, you keep your hands off me!
[ Arguing ]
[ Siren Wailing ]
[ Wind Howling ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Rumbling ]
[ Radio Announcer ] The temperature right now is
28 degrees, and the weatherman says it's going down.
It's cloudy now, and we can expect
a few snow flurries later on.
## [ Music Playing ]
# Orange juice on ice is nice #
# Orange juice on the ice #
- # Orange juice on ice is nice #
- [ Coughing ]
# It's refreshingly cooler naturally #
# Break away from old habits #
# Take a word of advice #
# Serve real Florida orange juice #
# Orange juice on ice #
# Break away from old habits #
# Take a word of advice #
# Serve real Florida orange juice #
# Orange juice on ice ##
[ Radio Clicks Off ]
I'll give you $5 for it.
[ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ]
# I got a telephone call from Jesus #
# I got him on the line #
# I'm gonna call him up
Ring him up #
# Then the sun will shine #
[ Coughing ]
# I got a telephone call from Jesus #
- # I got him on the line ##
- [ Coughing ]
[ Man ]
Oh, for Christ's sake!
[ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ]
Hey, Ratso.
- [ Coughing ]
- Hey, get your ass out here.
I wanna show you something.
There you go, boy.
There's money for you.
That's $9 right there,
plus assorted change.
Minus 26ў for milk.
Plus 5ў for Dentyne... gum.
[ Coughing ]
Oh, that's smart.
Light a cigarette.
- [ Coughing ]
- Why not take that and buy a carton?
Do the job right.
Where'd you get it?
I got it.
Where you been? 42nd Street?
That's where you been.
that's where you've been.
- I ain't been nowhere.
- Yeah, movies.
That's where you got
that thing on your back.
What, this?
'What, this?'
A friend I did a favor for
give it to me.
- A friend?
- Yeah.
You'd just let some poor bastard
freeze to death, wouldn't you?
You stole the damn thing, didn't you?
I stole it for you! The goddamn thing's
ten sizes too big for me.
Wear it yourself!
I wouldn't have it on my back.
I'll be goddamned
if I'll wear it.
[ Coughing ]
Buy yourself some medicine
before you die on my damn hands.
[ Coughing ]
- I hate boneyards.
- So split.
He ain't your goddamn father!
He was even dumber than you.
He couldn't even
write his own name.
'X,' that's what it oughta say
on that goddamn headstone.
One big, lousy 'X'!
Just like our dump:
condemned by order of city hall.
My grandma, Sally Buck...
she died without lettin' me know.
Oh, Hitler's
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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