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Полуночный ковбой

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resort area
in the country there.
I think per capita, on a given day,
there's probably...
three hundred of 'em
on the beach.
In fact, you can't even
scratch yourself...
without getting a belly button
up the old kazoo there.
It's hot. Let's go.
Come on!
Smells worse hot
than it did cold.
All right, startin' tomorrow
you cook your own goddamn dinner...
or you get one of your rich
Park Avenue ladies to cook for you.
- I'm eatin' it, see?
- In her penthouse.
Look, I'm eatin' this shit, Ratso.
Mmm, good! Mmm!
- It's good.
- I gotta get outta here.
I gotta get outta here.
Miami Beach,
that's where you could score.
Anybody can score there,
even you.
In New York, no rich lady with any class
at all buys that cowboy crap anymore.
They're laughin' at you
on the street.
- Ain't nobody laughin' at me.
- I seen 'em laughin' at you, fella.
What the hell do you know about women?
When's the last time you scored, boy?
I only talk about that at confession.
-We're not talkin' about me now.
-Well, when'd you last go to confession?
That's between me and my confessor.
And I'll tell you another thing.
you're beginning to smell.
And for a stud in New York,
that's a handicap.
Don't talk to me about clean.
I ain't seen you change your underwear
the whole time I've been in New York.
- That's peculiar behavior.
- I don't have to do that in public.
- I ain't got no need to expose myself.
- No, I'll bet you don't!
I bet you ain't never even been laid!
How about that?
And you're gonna tell me
what appeals to women.
I know enough to know that that
great big dumb cowboy crap of yours...
don't appeal to nobody
except every Jacky on 42nd Street!
That's faggot stuff!
If you wanna call it by its name,
that's strictly for fags!
John Wayne! Are you gonna
tell me he's a fag?
I like the way I look.
It makes me feel good. It does.
And women like me, goddammit!
Hell, the only one thing
I ever been good for is lovin'.
Women go crazy for me.
That's a really true fact.
Crazy Annie,
they had to send her away.
Then how come you ain't scored once
the whole time you've been in New York?
'Cause I need management, goddammit!
'Cause you stole $20 off of me!
That's why you're gonna stop
crappin' around about Florida...
and get your skinny butt movin',
earn $20 worth of management...
which you owe me!
[ Women Speaking Italian ]
[ Italian Continues ]
[ Italian Continues ]
Signora, a woman in your condition
shouldn't have to do all this.
[ Conversing In Italian ]
Boy, you have
a lot of laundry here.
[ Italian Continues ]
[ Joe ] It just ain't right
cheatin' from a pregnant lady.
- What did it cost her?
- What do you mean?
Get outta here. The laundry syndicate
lost a couple of coins. I'm cryin'.
- That's it, sir.
- All right.
Sir, where's mine?
The black homburg.
- I brought it in at the same time.
- Well, I tell you, I don't know.
You no have a hat here, mister.
You gotta bring me the ticket...
What about that black homburg
right up there? Up in there.
Is that it right there?
A ticket? Here's my ticket.
It's right there on the corner.
- You wanna get it, right over there?
- I'll look 'em over.
Keep goin'. Up to the top.
Right in the corner there.
The top one.
[ Cleaner ] No, it not belong to
yours. It belong somebody else.
## [ Music From Radio ]
Hey, you're pretty damn good at that.
I bet you could make a livin' at it.
And end up a hunchback
like my old man?
If you think I'm crippled, you should've
caught him at the end of the day.
My old man spent 14 hours a day
down in that subway.
He'd come home, two, three dollars'
worth of change...
stained with shoe polish.
Stupid bastard coughed his lungs out
from breathin' in that wax all day.
Even the faggot undertaker
couldn't get his nails clean.
They had to bury him
with gloves on.
Okay, go ahead.
Come on. Take a look.
Don't rush me, boy.
Gotta take your time here.
Get myself
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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