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Полуночный ковбой

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the ten.
But when I take you over
to see Mr. O'Daniel...
I'm gonna have to have another ten
just to cover expenses, all right?
Come on. I'll buy you coffee.
On me. [ Coughing ]
Get outta here.
Bunch of creeps. Go to work.
He needs you tonight.
I got his tongue hangin' out.
His name is Joe Buck.
He's a cowboy.
Just came in from Texas.
He's new to the city.
He don't know the ropes...
but he's promising material,
if you know what I mean.
[ Ratso ]
Fabulous. Right away.
What's your room number
there again, sir?
Right. Okay.
901. You got it?
Hold it a second.
Let's see how you look.
You look fine.
Think I could have that other ten now?
Where can I reach you?
I'll make this thing right with you
once I get set up.
- Forget it.
- Where do you live?
The Chevy-Netherlands Hotel.
Chevy-Netherlands Hotel.
Get your ass in there now.
He's waitin'. Go ahead.
Come on. Are you on vacation?
You must be Joe Buck.
Yes, sir, I am.
Come in. Let's look at you.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Good strong back.
You're gonna need it.
So you want help?
Sit down. Relax.
Cowboy, eh?
Well, sir,
I ain't a for-real cowboy...
but I am one hell of a stud!
Take it easy, boy.
Seems to me you're different
from most of the boys that come to me.
Most of those boys
are troubled and confused.
I'd say you know
exactly what you want.
- You bet I do, sir.
- Yeah.
But I'll bet you got one thing in common
with those other boys.
I'll bet you're lonesome.
Well, not too.
A little.
'I'm lonesome, so I'm a drunk.
- I'm lonesome, so I'm a dope fiend.
- [ Woman ] Shut up!
'I'm lonesome, so I'm a thief.
'I'm lonesome, so I'm a fornicator,
a whoremonger!'
- [ Woman ] You phony!
- Poop, I say, poop!
I've heard it all,
and I'm sick to death of it!
I can see that.
Lonesomeness is something
you take, you hear?
Damn it, you take it
and you go on with your work.
I'm rarin' to go, sir.
Yes, I believe you are.
Cowboy, eh?
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
- Ready for hard work?
- I'm ready for anything.
I reckon it's gonna be
easier for you than for most others.
It's gonna be like money from home.
Money from home!
There's your strength, son, see?
You've got the way of putting things
earthy so anybody can understand them.
I warn you, Joe Buck.
I'm gonna use you.
I'm gonna run you ragged!
[ Whooping ]
You're wonderful, boy.
We're gonna have fun together.
It don't have to be joyless.
Hell, no.
Why don't you and me...
get down on our knees right now?
How's that strike you?
- Where?
- Right here!
Right now!
Why not?
I've prayed on the streets.
I've prayed in the saloons.
I've prayed on the toilets.
It don't matter where,
so long as He gets that prayer!
See Him!
That's the ticket.
Just open your heart...
[ O'Daniel Ranting ]
Don't be frightened, son!
I baptize thee, my brother,
in the name of the Father...
[ O'Daniel ]
You shall be heard!
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
[ O'Daniel ]
Don't run from Jesus!
[ Screaming ]
Hey, you know that runty
little bastard I was with?
I don't know nothing.
[ Laughing ]
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!
[ Man Laughing ]
What's that monstrosity down there?
[ Man #2 ]
That's a toupee for dogs.
This is Fifi's wig.
That's for that dog?
[ Talk Show Host Laughs ]
I don't believe this dog.
There's something going on here.
Now, really, seriously...
isn't this really a case of conning
a lot of lonely people?
[ Woman ]
Yes. Who else would do it?
A woman with children
wouldn't have time.
When they have no children,
a woman who is alone...
[ Sally's Voice ] There's a TV dinner
in the fridge. Expect me when you see me.
I'll leave you movie money.
[ Host ]
I think that's sick.
Dressing up a dog
to look like a child?
[ Man #2 ]
In case she meets another...
[ Host ]
That's terrible!
She looks terrible.
[ Audience Laughing ]
If I can find the hole...
[ Coin Dropping ]
[ Male Radio Announcer ]
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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