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Полуночный ковбой

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- Come on.
I could kill you with my bare hands!
Will you get outta here?
[ Sobbing ]
Will you get outta here?
Oh, Cass, honey.
Cass, come on now.
Cass, you think I meant that?
Would I be after you for money with
a wad like I've got ridin' on my hip?
Stop your cryin'.
You are one gorgeous chick.
Guy gets horny just lookin' at you.
How much you want for that taxi?
How much you want now? Five?
You want ten?
There you go, girl.
Terrific shirt.
Are you speakin' to me?
I was admirin' that colossal shirt.
That is one hell of a shirt.
I'll bet you paid
a pretty price for it.
I ain't cheap.
Yeah. Birds.
It's an all right shirt.
I like birds.
I don't like to have
cheap stuff on my back.
- Sure.
- Hi, cowboy.
Got a cigarette?
Hey, sweetheart.
More goddamn faggots in this town.
- Oh, kiss it, Ratso!
- Up yours.
You gotta watch out for that.
You know the ropes.
I wish I'd bumped into you before.
I'm Joe Buck from Texas.
Enrico Rizzo, from the Bronx.
I'm gonna buy you a drink.
Don't mind if I do.
Bartender, drinks all around...
and one for my friend here too.
I know when I
give her satisfaction.
You see what I'm getting at?
She got a penthouse up there...
with a color TV and more goddamn
diamonds than an archbishop.
And she busts out bawlin'
when I asked for money.
For what?
For money.
Money for what?
Hell, I'm a hustler.
You didn't know that?
How should I know that?
You gotta tell a person things.
- I'm a hustler.
- Shh.
All right.
You're a hustler.
But your pickin' up trade
on the street like that...
That's nowhere.
You gotta get yourself
some kind of management.
You put your finger on it.
You know what you need?
You need my friend O'Daniel.
He operates the biggest stable
in town.
In fact, in the whole
goddamn metropolitan area.
It's stupid, a stud like you paying.
You don't wanna be stupid.
I mean, I understand.
A dame starts cryin',
I'd cut my heart out for her.
I'd call that
a very minor operation.
In fact, you just sit comfy...
and I'll cut it out
with my fingernail file, Ratso.
The name's Rizzo.
That's what I said. Ratso.
[ Joe ]
You heard him.
That's all right.
I mean, I'm used to these types...
that get their kicks
pickin' on cripples.
- The sewer's full of them.
- I wanna ask you one question, cowboy.
If you're sittin' here,
and he's sittin' over there...
how's he gonna get his hand
into your pocket?
- Let me work...
- I guess he's got that figured out.
Good night, sweets.
- Faggot.
- Provolone.
With these gals that wanna buy it...
most of them
are old and dignified.
Social register types,
you know what I mean?
They can't be trottin' down to Times
Square to pick out the merchandise.
They gotta have
some kind of middleman.
That's where O'Daniel comes in.
- [ Tires Screech, Horn Honks ]
- Hey, I'm walkin' here!
Up yours, you son of a bitch!
Don't talk to me that way!
- Get outta here!
- [ Horn Honking ]
Don't worry about that. Actually, that
ain't a bad way to pick up insurance.
[ Ratso ] It's crazy, a stud like you
payin' that dame that you told me about.
With proper management...
you could be takin' home $50,
maybe $100 a day, easy.
Hey, Brucey.
Hang in there, baby.
What's that?
Him I placed with O'Daniel
about two weeks ago.
He ain't much of a stud either,
from what I hear.
All right.
- Hey, horse.
- [ Ratso Coughs ]
How about you take me to meet
this Mr. O'Daniel right now?
You're a nice guy, and actually
I'd be doin' both of you a favor...
but for what?
What am I draggin' my bum leg
around town for?
Tomorrow, some piece like that might be
scratching your back at the Plaza...
and where am I gonna be?
Hold on. You think I'm
that kind of a son of a bitch?
Just name your cut.
Whatever you want, you got it now.
It's all right.
What you want? Five? Ten?
Are you kidding me?
You know what I'd ask somebody else?
- There's ten right there.
- All right. Forget it.
I'll take
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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