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Полуночный ковбой

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Why, you ought to be
ashamed of yourself.
[ Car Horn Beeps ]
Come on, Baby.
Do it for mama.
Come on, Baby.
Mama's tired.
- [ Dog Barks ]
- Baby, come on.
Do it for mama.
Hey, you little old dog.
How you doin' there, scutter?
They got you all gussied up
for some damn thing, ain't they?
Pardon me, ma'am.
I'm brand-spankin'-new in town...
and I was hopin' to get a look
at the Statue of Liberty.
Hopin' to get a look at what?
Statue of Liberty.
It's up in Central Park
taking a leak.
If you'll hurry up,
you'll catch the supper show.
He's picking something up for me.
[ Woman ]
Hi. I just got your message.
How do you feel?
Oh, I had such a head.
I loved your friend Mr. Needleman...
the last of the great King Midases.
Go, go, go.
My God, it was exhausting.
It was beautiful...
Oh, God! Stop!
- I die from that!
- [ Man On Phone ] Who's there?
- Who you talkin' to?
- I was just talkin' to Baby.
I was talking to the dog, Morey.
Please, you're annoying me.
Don't start up again.
Why don't you say hello to Baby?
Baby wants to say hello to you.
I don't wanna say hello
to the dog.
Daddy wants to
say hello to you, Baby.
Hello, Baby.
Hello, you goddamn dog!
Bow-wow-wow, Baby.
Am I gonna see you tonight?
- Where do you wanna eat?
- Wherever you say.
- Just you and me.
- Hey, that's great.
Catch an early supper
at Lindy's.
- What time?
- Like 5:30.
We don't have to rush.
- My wife's away.
- [ Zipper Unzipping ]
Beautiful, baby.
I can stay all night, Cass.
- [ Barking, Whining ]
- How 'bout a little kiss?
You got it.
A big wet one 'til I see ya.
[ Morey Chuckles ]
Save some of that for tonight.
[ Morey Laughs ]
Love you.
Love you.
- [ Barking ]
- [ Cass, Joe Laughing ]
[ Game Show Host Speaking,
Indistinct ]
In our isolation booths...
- Is it because I'm a stable hand?
- One, two. One, two.
- And rest.
- Oh, wow!
Do you think God is dead?
Suppose we just don't
talk about it anymore.
- [ Whistling ]
- One...
What if I want
to take my mother along?
- Oh, my God!
- It even makes black whiter.
- Bring your knees up.
- Come on out.
- Ho, ho, ho...
- [ Screaming ]
[ Cass Moaning ]
[ Joe ]
Hey, Cass.
You know what you got here?
You got yourself
a damn penthouse.
Real damn penthouse, Cass.
[ Cass ]
Don't look, baby.
Knock off a couple of pounds
and I'd really be a gorgeous chick.
Don't touch. I'm late already.
What time is it?
Oh, my God!
Straighten out the bed for me, Tex.
Say, Cass.
I sure have enjoyed bein' here.
It's as fine a time
as I've ever had in my life.
Me too, lover.
That's good 'cause...
the way you make me feel
at home here...
I almost hate
to bring up business.
Yeah, it's murder, isn't it?
What line are you in, sweetie?
Zip me up, will ya, Tex?
[ Sighs ] Morey's always
complaining about his ulcers.
I don't know what line Morey's in...
but myself, now,
I'm kind of a hustler.
A person's gotta make a living.
Pardon me, ma'am.
I said, 'A person's
gotta make a living.
Are you sure you heard what I said?
Sorry, Tex.
My mind isn't all here.
I don't wanna be late
for my date with Morey.
Listen, sweetie.
Why don't you run along...
and take the number, and we'll get
in touch with each other real soon.
I forgot to get to the bank,
and now it's too late.
I have to take a taxi.
I need a few bucks.
Hate to ask you,
but you're such a doll.
You know, Cass, that's a funny thing,
you mentioning money...
'cause I was just about
to ask you for some.
You were gonna ask me for money?
Hell, why do you think I come
all the way up here from Texas for?
You were gonna ask me for money.
Who the hell do you think
you're dealing with?
Some old slut on 42nd Street?
In case you didn't happen
to notice it...
you big Texas longhorn bull...
I'm one hell of a gorgeous chick!
Take it easy.
I'm 28 years old.
You think you can come up here
and pull this kind of crap?
- You're out of your mind!
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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