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Полуночный ковбой

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loathe it.
Please go.
- Please.
- You want me to leave?
I mean, yes, yes.
Please go.
Come back tomorrow.
- Promise?
- I'm goin' to Florida tomorrow.
That's terrible.
You meet someone, you think...
I want to give you a present...
for your trip.
Please take it.
I want you to have it.
You don't have to be a Catholic.
St. Christopher's the patron saint
of all travellers.
I want you to take it.
It's for helping me be good.
I gotta have money.
Yes, of course.
Wait here.
I said wait.
Here. Don't even thank me.
I gotta have more than 10.
I gotta have $57.
- I simply don't have it, Joe.
- I got family, goddammit!
- There's nothing in here.
- Get outta my way, please, sir.
Get outta my way!
Let go of that table,
please, sir.
- Please, sir?
- No, please!
No, don't, don't.
I deserved that.
I brought this on myself, I know I did.
My nose is bleeding, isn't it?
Now, you gonna let go
of that table?
Now, are you gonna let go of that table,
or you want a busted skull?
Oh, Joe, thank you.
Number, please.
- Number, please.
- Hello.
- No, no, I wasn't calling anyone.
- Hello?
I wasn't calling anyone.
I wasn't calling anyone.
No, I wasn't calling anyone.
Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe.
[ Engine Roaring ]
[ Engine Roaring ]
Thirty-one hours.
11:30 in the morning
we get there.
Not this morning...
but the next at 11:30.
These guys are good drivers, boy.
They gotta be.
You didn't kill him, did ya?
Got blood on your jacket.
I don't wanna talk about it.
If you're gonna shiver,
put your blankets up more.
I've been thinkin'.
I hope we're not gonna have trouble
about my name down there.
I mean, what's the whole point
of this trip, anyway?
You know?
Keep your blankets on you.
I mean, can you see this guy, running
around the beach all suntanned...
and he's goin' swimmin', like...
and somebody yells,
'Hey, Ratso.
What's that sound like to you?
Sounds like I knew ya.
Sounds like crap.
Admit it.
I'm Rico all the time, okay?
We're gonna tell all these new people
my name's Rico.
- Hey, what's the matter?
- I'm wet.
You're... You're what?
I wet my pants.
The seat's all wet.
Well, hell, there ain't no use
cryin' over the damn thing.
Here I am goin' to Florida,
my leg hurts...
my butt hurts, my chest hurts,
my face hurts...
and like that ain't enough,
I gotta pee all over myself.
That's funny?
I'm fallin' apart here.
You just...
You know what happened?
You just took a little rest stop
that wasn't on the schedule.
Let me put you up here.
Hey, what size pants you wear?
# Everybody's talkin' at me #
# I don't hear a word they're sayin' #
# Only the echoes of my mind #
# People stoppin', starin' #
# I can't see their faces #
# Only the shadows of their eyes #
Thank you, ma'am.
- Where you from?
- New York.
You ever been here before?
No, ma'am, I ain't.
This is my first time.
Well, I hope you have
a good time in Florida.
Thank you.
# Backin' off of the northeast winds #
# Sailin' on summer breeze #
Hey. Hey, what're you doin'?
I'm zippin' your fly.
What the hell you think I'm doin'?
# I'm goin' where
the sun keeps shinin' #
# Through the pourin' rain #
# Goin' where the weather #
# Suits my clothes ##
Thanks, Joe.
These shirts are comfortable,
ain't they?
Yours was the only one left
with a palm tree on it.
Clothes are damn cheap here too,
you know that?
[ Coughing ]
Everything we got
only set us back ten some.
Hey, you know, Ratso...
Rico, I mean...
I got this damn thing
all figured out.
When we get to Miami,
what I'm gonna do is...
get some sort of job, you know?
'Cause, hell,
I ain't no kind of hustler.
I mean, there must be an easier way
of makin' a livin' than that.
Some sort of outdoors work.
What do you think?
Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.
Okay, Rico?
Hey, Rico?
Okay, folks, everything's all right.
Nothin' to worry about.
Is he kin to you?
- Wanna close his
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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