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Полуночный ковбой

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I sure hate to trouble you, but...
- Twenty, wasn't it?
- Yes'm.
[ Coughing ]
[ Coughing ]
Hey, boy, look right in there!
What do ya see?
Look in there, boy!
Some of that stuff's for you too!
Look. Try that on
for size for ya.
I got some of that stuff
you like to swill too.
Aspirin, Mentholatum,
all that crap.
- What's the matter? They wrong?
- They're okay.
Only why'd you buy 'em?
While you were gettin' the aspirin,
I could've lifted this.
- Is that hot?
- Yeah. You want some soup?
- Yeah.
- I'll get you some soup, then.
We ain't gonna have to steal no more,
is what I'm tryin' to tell ya.
I got eight bucks in my damn pockets.
Twenty more come Thursday, boy.
-We're gonna be ridin' easy before long.
-Give me some soup.
- Give me some soup.
- I'm gettin' ya some soup.
Look at that there.
That's good, healthy stuff for you.
Lookie there.
Lookie there. Soup.
- Thanks.
- It's hot. Watch out.
How was she?
She went crazy, if you want
to know the damn truth of it.
Yeah. She turned into
a damn alley cat.
- Thanks for the stuff.
- Don't mention it.
It's good.
Hey, listen, don't get sore
or anything, okay?
I ain't sore.
I don't think
I can walk anymore.
I mean, I've been
fallin' down a lot.
I'm scared.
What are you scared of?
You know what they do to you
when they know you can't...
When they find out
that you can't wa... walk.
Oh, Christ!
I gotta lay down.
- Okay, okay.
- I gotta lay down.
You're gonna lay down now.
Just take it easy.
I'm gonna lay you down.
I'm gonna lay you down.
There you go.
I'm gonna put this thing over ya.
Now you stay here.
Where you goin'?
- I gotta get a doctor.
- What?
- I gotta get a doctor.
- You ain't gettin' me no doctor.
You're sick, boy.
You need a damn doctor.
No doctors, no cops.
Don't be so stupid.
- What the hell you want me to do?
- You get me to Florida.
- Hell, I can't go to Florida now.
- Just put me on a bus.
Just put me on a bus.
I don't need you.
You got the damn fever.
How the hell you gonna get to Florida?
Just get me on a bus.
You ain't sendin' me to Bellevue.
All right. What are you
doin' that for? It's hot.
You're sick.
I'm keepin' it on you.
I'm too hot now.
Boy, you're really dumb.
I don't need you. You're dumb.
- Shut up! Just shut up!
- Dumb cowboy, boy.
Damn it! Shut up!
Just when things are goin' right for me,
you gotta pull a damn stunt like this.
Hi, Shirley.
How you doin', girl?
Miss who?
Well, when will
Mrs. Gardner be home?
This is a friend of hers.
This is a goddamn good friend of hers.
Well, hell,
I can't wait that long.
- [ Ding ]
- Too bad.
Well, we all have
our off days.
[ Making Shooting Sounds ]
I'm Townsend P. Locke, from Chicago.
Call me Towny.
I'm here on a paper manufacturer's
convention and, frankly...
to have a little fun, damn it.
It's my first night here, and I'd feel
privileged if you'd have dinner with me.
There's a little French restaurant
not too far from here.
Italian restaurant?
Does that appeal to you?
Don't worry about how you're dressed.
They know me.
Besides, I'll tell 'em
you're with the rodeo.
There's always a rodeo
in town, damn it.
Besides, you look very elegant.
Oh, but damn it all, we can't do that.
I'm expecting a phone call at the hotel.
Mama? A coincidence.
Guess who was being discussed?
Have you got
that thing turned up?
Well, why aren't you wearing it?
Oh, really, Mama,
this is just impossible.
I mean,
why go to all the expense?
Listen, Towny.
Did I tell you I got me
a sick kid on my hands?
Well, he's sick on chill, and I gotta
get him south quick as I can.
I got me a sick boy...
and I'm gonna get him south.
Do you understand me, Towny?
I'm gonna get him south.
What you want?
What you got me up here for?
Oh, Joe, it's...
It's so difficult.
You're a nice person, Joe.
I should never have asked you up here.
You're a lovely person, really.
Oh, God, I loathe life.
Полуночный ковбой Полуночный ковбой

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